The main sewer pipe that connects the central sewage to everybody’s home is called Toronto sewer main. When it drains properly, you do not need any sewer repair services. However, it can get clogged or broken from time to time. That causes unpleasant problems and fixing them may appear rather expensive. Tornado Plumbing & Drains can offer quite inexpensive and professional services to get rid of this issue by efficient sewer pipe repair in Toronto.

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Trenchless Sewer Repair

When the massive repair is needed, it is always much hassle. And the expenses are usually immense. Moreover, you can face the mess on your lawn because when numerous holes and trenches are dug, the ground around is completely ruined. However, all these things already belong to the past.

Nowadays, a completely new technology has been introduced and it is used already by our company. It is trenchless sewer repair. We can fix or replace your sewage pipes without much mess. We use a special trenchless pipe to install it without excavation.

The technology of Toronto trenchless sewer repair implies that two holes are drilled at both ends of the pipe that needs to be replaced. Then, we pull a cable with a bursting head along the entire length of the pipe. This puts the old pipe to pieces and a new corrosion-resistant sewer line is installed in its place. Try to order this technology from us and your new plumbing fixtures will serve you for long without the risks of backups and flooding.



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When to Book a Sewer Repair

You can face a large-scale blockage of sewage or just small clogs and leaks. Anyway, they need to be repaired. Tornado Plumbers are always ready to fix emergencies. We do our high-quality work on sewer drain repair in Toronto around the clock.

We have compiled the most obvious indicators of the necessity for the sewage repair:

  • The pipes are damaged badly, cracked, or burst.
  • You encounter the slow draining in different parts of your home. This always indicates the presence of large clogs and substantial backups in the main sewer line.
  • You experience musty odors around the house. They indicate that the main sewage is back-uped with waste and grease so you can expect flooding of wastewater anytime.
  • If you see a strangely green stripe of grass on the lawn, it can mean that the wastewater is leaking somewhere underground and fertilizing your plants excessively. However, this leak can also result in flooding and much damage in your household.

Sewer repair price

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