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We treat any plumbing issue of yours as our priority. However, Tornado Plumbing & Drains believes that the requests for emergency services are the most important ones. Of course, it is not very pleasant to face a clogged shower drain or toilet. Though, if you have encountered the backed up sewer main, the wastewater is everywhere over your basement flooding all the parts of it and causing much damage to your items. The only thing here is a fast reaction and professional repair which can help immediately.

We are your expert helper, having been the local emergency plumbers since 2014, so apply now!

What is an Emergency Plumber?

As you can understand from the name, an  emergency plumber is a professional whose aim is to help you in an emergency situation. You should not delay whenthe water starts flooding into your house because it may cause a lot of damage. Try to call emergency plumbers immediately as soon as the unpleasant situation has just occurred. To be on the safe side, you’d better have a special list of emergency services with the contacts so that you could find it on hand if something disastrous happens.

A professional Tornado emergency plumber is ready to help you even after working hours because our service is 24/7.

plumber emergency
plumber emergency


  • Water pipes that have burst

– it is quite clear – one of your water or sewer lines in your home or office has just burst. Contact Tornado immediately because there is no time to wait. No matter why that has happened. It can be pipe freezing or worn-up lines, or any other reason you can imagine.


  • The lines that are frozen

– it is related to the previous description. The frozen pipe can cause a lot of issues if not noticed on time. It is not necessarily bursting but the risk exists that the lines will be immensely damaged and they will fail at any moment. 


  • The main drain that backs up

– The sewage or waste water can overflow at any moment. As soon as that happens, use our emergency hotline instantly. If the main drainage pipes are blocked, the result can be rather severe and we will consider it like that.

  • emergency plumber / services
    emergency plumber / services

    The sump pump fails to work

– it is very important to have a sump pump at home to prevent stormwater from flooding your basement or crawlspace. If such a device fails, the water in the basement can rise to the hazardous level.

  • Flooding

When water floods rapidly into the basement, it is certain to be a severe emergency, no matter what source of this water is. There are many reasons for such flooding. Often, it is the burst pipe that can cause it or the toilet can be clogged and cause the backup. Any issue like this can lead to the severe damage of your property when your home faces flooding.

Don’t waste much time when you encounter such problems. Start acting immediately to deal with such a plumbing emergency until it is too late! Address the issue to our 24 hour emergency plumber and you will obtain the appropriate help within an hour or so.

Our services

  • commercial plumbing
  • residential 
  • Industrial
  • 24 hr plumbing and emergency plumbing repairs (emergency water leak repair etc.)

For commercial plumbing and other Tornado plumbing services, contact a cheap emergency plumber in your area today.

What You Should Do in a Plumbing Emergency

A lot of people start panicking instantly when they encounter such an issue. Such a reaction is quite natural. However, you can get ready for the possible problem long beforehand. That will help you to take the first steps immediately. You will be able to diminish the damage to your house as much as possible. The first recommendation is to keep the contacts of the reliable emergency service on hand. Or you will waste precious time if you start looking for the phone number when the flooding has happened. Remember that you will be dealing with the problem on your own at the first minutes so no time for searching will be available. Try to do the research of plumbing companies near you in advance. Write down their numbers and other contacts so that you could call the service as soon as the issue has occurred. If you have just faced a plumbing emergency, follow the steps described below.

1: Cut off the water – Stop the water from running through the pipe immediately if the plumbing emergency has occurred. Turn the valve clockwise and the water will be shut off.

2: Call an expert – After you have cut off the water, immediately call an expert plumber you have in your list and describe the emergency consistently. The professional will always tell you what to do next before they can reach your place. If the plumber tells you to leave the house without any delay, it is important to obey because the expert knows that staying in the flooded house can be dangerous for you. You can go to the neighboring house or office and stay there waiting for the emergency service to arrive.

3: The water heater should also be turned off – If the emergency is rather severe and you have a water heater in your home, turn it off immediately because it can be badly damaged by the water. It can even burst when overheated. The gas heater should be turned off as well but don’t forget to cut off the gas supply first.

4: Take care of small leaks – Small leaks may not seem too dangerous to you. However, you’d better use the old towels to block them and keep the bucket beneath to avoid more damage. If you notice the dark spots in the area of leaking, inform your 24hr emergency plumber about them because that may be important in detecting the cause of flooding..

emergency plumber repair
emergency plumber repair

How fast can plumber / contractor arrive at the emergency?

Everything depends on the location of your home. It may also matter whether the plumbers are available at the moment.

Can you find a plumber who can offer the 24hr emergency plumbing services?

Yes, sure.

What plumbing problems require your immediate reaction?

They can be open offices with clogged drains or burst pipes, or even the houses which experience the clogging in the main drains.

When searching for an emergency plumber near you (Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Brampton, Oakville, Scarborough, Vaughan), remember that we are here to help you and we are a fast and reliable plumbing service with a lot of expertise and the great quality of work.