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Drain Replacement

Drain Replacement Services

Drain pipes require constant maintenance and repairs carried out by true professionals. If you do not care about your drainage system, you may face some severe problems with drain blockages that will bring some other complicated issues with them.

You should occasionally think about replacement of your sewer and drain pipes and order the corresponding services to avoid future disasters.

It is impossible to imagine your life without the proper work of drains. You use them all the time while turning on the faucet or the washing machine, or just want to take a shower. You do not think about drains and their proper work, of course, but due to them, the waste water is carried outside the house efficiently and your house is safe from flooding and backups. The drains need some continuous inspection and maintenance because you must be sure that they are working properly and reliably. So, it is strongly recommended to order a professional plumbing inspection regularly and clean the pipes if needed. Though, when used all the time, drain pipes can become old and start malfunctioning no matter how well they have been maintained. That is why it is obvious that high-quality drain replacement is needed. In Toronto, you can order this service from Tornado because this company is considered to be the best one. Its experts work in all areas of the city and use the most brand-new technologies for their perfect services and smooth installations.

It goes without saying that the draining system in your home should perform its function effectively and reliably. It is used so often that it is impossible to imagine your life without it. However, there are also many causes of the system’s malfunctioning in your Toronto home. The solution is obvious – call Tornado Plumbing & Drains. One of our experts will inspect the condition of your drainage system first and then, recommend the most appropriate solution if there are any problems. The choice is between the possibility to repair the issue and drain replacement which may become a more effective variant. The only thing to remember is that such replacement should be carried out by an experienced professional only because the faulty installation can lead to:

  • Appearance of Leaks – All the connections should be made properly. If the drain pipes are not connected reliably, waste water can start leaking from the pipes into the house and become a cause of further damage.
  • Drainage System Does Not Work Efficiently – The wastewater should be removed from your home very quickly. It should not stand anywhere in the pipes. However, if the system is not installed professionally, you may face its poor performance or failure to perform at all. 
  • Upcoming Damage Issues – If you prefer to reinstall the drainage system on your own, consider the possible issues that may result from the mistakes made by you or your friend. You are not an expert and may not know much about all the tools and components needed for the proper installation. The process can turn into a complete  mess and it is likely to result in further issues and huge water bills. The best solution is always calling a drain replacement expert instead of trying to waste much time and effort on the things they you cannot do properly.

The problematic drain can be located inside your home or outside it but it doesn’t matter much for Tornado. Call them today and you will receive a well-qualified help similar to that many other satisfied customers in Toronto have got from us.

When you want to complete your drain replacement properly, trust all the process to well-qualified and experienced experts from Tornado. We will perform fast and efficiently and you will be able to see the results of our work immediately. We will provide the best solutions for your draining problems and perform all the repairing and replacing processes quickly and correctly.

Our company is famous for specially developed and improved techniques used by our specialists for replacement of sewer and drainage systems. This approach ensures the service of the highest possible quality and the works will not cost you a fortune. We start all the replacement jobs with a thorough examination of the problem to make sure that we have picked up the right technology. We are also interested in the initial cause of the problem because we believe that it is impossible to utilize the appropriate techniques without understanding what has happened. To determine the basic steps for problem solution, we keep in touch with our clients and let them know what results they should expect. 

We never neglect any safety issues, so with Tornado, you can be sure that nothing will happen to anyone involved in the project. No incidents can occur on the site because our workers take all the possible measures to prevent them. We also follow all the safety regulations of all the governmental authorities and try to take into account all possible factors that can lead to incidents.

The top-notch tools and equipment are always at our disposal to provide the best quality of all the jobs. We never arrive at your home without the equipment that is needed in this specific situation because we never waste our time and the time of our customers. Because our plumbers are seasoned workers with a good deal of expertise, they always pick out the equipment that is required for the work they are meant to do. 

With the very first moments of your communication with Tornado experts, you will feel that you have found the true professionals in drain and sewer replacement. You can book an appointment with our technicians for the time that fits perfectly into your schedule. You will receive all the necessary services and pieces of advice from the Tornado Plumbing Company without any difficulty and unexpected complications.


Reputable and Licensed team for your next project!

Serhiy Marunchuk

Company Owner


Real reviews, from real people. Read our google reviews and understand why Tornado-Plumbing is a great choice for all your plumbing needs.

Once again, excellent experience with Tornado plumbing! There was a leak in my basement to which they sent someone to assess the issue very quickly. ....
Maya Shelemay
We were happy with Tornado plumbing from start and finish. Sergey came on the time to give us a quotation,he found the cracks in our foundation wall also our sump pump didn't work also. ....
Last week Sergey and his team from Tornado Plumbing had replaced the sewer drain in our house and installed a new back water valve ....
Oleg Belenki
Excellent work and great attention to detail. Very pleased with Serhiy and his team. Highly recommend their services. ....
Claudia Taylor

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