Sewer Cleaning in Toronto & GTA

After the waste is flushed down the drains, it is collected by the sewer. It is always the most important division of any plumbing system. However, waste particles can often pile up and cause the sewage backup. The principle is the same as with a simple garbage container or receptacle – you need to clean them out regularly to avoid piling up. If there are no regular services such as sewer cleaning and maintenance, the outcomes can be disastrous. Severe  weather conditions, for example, snow melting or heavy rainstorms can add much to the hazardous situation.

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When there is a backup in the sewer, waste can flood back to your house after it has been disposed of. This experience is very dangerous, unsanitary, and unpleasant. Infectious bacteria can grow and spread around and emergency plumbing repair may turn out rather costly. Moreover, you will need to repair or replace the damaged furniture, household items, and, very often, to redecorate entire rooms.

What causes clogged sewer line?

  • When the pipes get broken
  • When there’s accumulated debris
  • Tree roots and branches can create issues

Expert Cleaning of Sewers

However, if you do regular cleaning of the sewage, the backups are usually avoided. Do not wait until the flooding happens and leads to still larger disasters.

Floodings are also caused by the change of seasons. They make the situation still more dangerous unless you care beforehand and call Tornado’s experts to do all the necessary services. When your pipes and sewage system are kept functional, there is no need to expect sewer backups, no matter how much water penetrates into the system from the outside flooding. The experienced plumbers are well-trained, properly certified, and have all the necessary means at hand to clear the sewer and eliminate waste particles and hazardous bacteria. It is always better not to allow them to build up in the sewage and cause disgusting results. Book the cleaning service just once per year to be on the safe side. The system will operate smoothly and always be in a good working condition if you think about maintaining it in advance.

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Does My Sewer Need Cleaning?

If you are a homeowner, you may get unsure whether your plumbing system needs cleaning. You will wait and hesitate about calling cleaning experts until you encounter the knee-deep backup in your basement. That will result in a lot of worries and high repair bills. So, how will you know that your sewer needs cleaning already? Here are some indicators that can warn you about that:

  • Foul odors.Have you ever noticed any nasty smells around your house? They may be felt occasionally or become more and more regular. Once you have experienced the smell, think about cleaning out the waste items from your sewer. They smell like that and this odor will not disappear until you get rid of waste in your plumbing system. Even if you cannot detect accurately where the smell is coming from, consider cleaning because wastewater that has already filled up the pipes, can cause a backup at any moment. It will flood anywhere – in the shower, toilet, from kitchen drains, or basement bathroom. The waste particles that have stuck in the drains can block them completely if no measures are taken.
  • Water level changing: The most standard level of water can be observed in the toilet. The sewage backup may happen when the water level is higher or lower than normal. That is the most obvious sign of clogging that needs your thorough attention.
  • Clogging that is recurring. That may become a sign of a bad issue with the whole drainage system. You may think that you have got rid of sewer problems but you face slow draining or minor clogging over and over again. That is an important sign that it is high time to call plumbing experts because you won’t be able to cope with this issue on your own. The problem is likely to occur in the main system so special equipment and expertise are needed if you don’t want the sewer backup to happen anytime.

Sewer Inspection and Cleaning

When the sewer is clogged, it will not necessarily cause a massive backup. You may encounter minor leaking or sloping. This situation is not less dangerous because such issues can lead to severe long-term damage and complete ruining  of the drainage system with time. The latter is very expensive to repair. So, think about regular sewer cleaning and maintenance to prevent any problems and protect your property against disastrous backups, unsanitary, and damage. The maintenance process is very fast and simple but it helps eliminate bacteria, remove tree roots, and grease to have your sewer clean and functional for a long time.

  • Sewer inspection. Our expert plumbers will easily inspect your sewer and its functioning with the special drain cameras. They also use some imaging equipment and probes that can reach deep inside the drainage system. If the plumbing system is rather old, we can recommend to renovate and upgrade it as a whole or in some parts. That will prevent its further damage and ensure the reliable draining function of all pipes and junctions for further expelling all the waste you produce and supplying water to your home.
  • Sewer cleaning. The process is full-service. It is meant to remove any waste build-ups from the sewer or obstacles that are stuck and clog the drains. All the waste particles should be eliminated from the pipes to prevent possible flooding, clogging, and backups during unfavorable weather conditions and natural floods.
  • Sewer line servicing. Cleaning sewers is not the only type of work that can prevent sewage backups. If your pipes are old, they may have a lot of minor cracks in them that need to be sealed. If you do not care about that, you will face water leakage and overflowing soon. Flooded basements and crawl spaces can cause much damage to your appliances and furniture, electricity supply system, and the overall integrity of the building. Different types of infections can also emerge and spread in the constantly humid space causing severe problems to your family’s health.

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