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We provide professional services for cleaning your pipes. It is necessary to do from time to time because your drain becomes clogged with deposits and grease. You can fully rely on our hydro drain jetting services. We not only clean your pipes efficiently but prevent clogs in the future.

How to Tell If Your Home Needs Drain Cleaning

We use water under pressure to clean the pipes and this technology is one of the best in the industry.



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Plumbing is easy with Tornado Plumbing & Drains. Compare ways to solve your issues, and save money. Your business can not afford to lose any productivity due to plumbing problems. We care about you, your bussines, and the work we do. As Commercial plumbers we trouble shoot and service restaurants, office buildings, business parks, large retail stores etc. See all cities where Tornado is.

3 Main Reasons to Get Drain Hydro Jetting

  • To prevent clogs and improve drainage. Slow drainage is caused by different types of grease and grime that build up clogs. Drain Hydro jetting clears the pipe of any clogs and your drainage will work smoothly further on. Learning about drain cleaning
  • To prolong the life of your pipes. The inner lining of pipes is damaged by chemical deposits. With time, that can cause leaks. Using hydro jetting prolongs the lifespan of pipes.
  • To clear existing clogs. The cost of hydro jetting drains allows for using this technology any time you experience severe clogs of the drainage, especially, when all other methods are not effective. High-pressure water can penetrate through the hardest clogs.

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However, hydro-jetting is not recommended for very old pipes. They can be damaged easily. So, the best option in this case is to replace these pipes.

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Drain Hydro jetting price

Guide to Drain Hydro jetting Cost & Estimates in Toronto & GTA, Canada:

The drain hydro jetting cost can be different. It depends on many factors. The most obvious of them is the length of the pipe. If the pipe that needs cleaning is very long, the drain jetting service will be rather expensive.

Another essential factor to consider while thinking about hydro jet drain cleaning price is the number of fixtures in your home. When there are many fixtures, there are many pipes. So, the cost of service will be higher.

How We Clean Your Drain

  • First, you need to schedule an appointment.You can do it either by phone or online. Call our specialist at (647) 784-8448 or get quote online and you will be scheduled immediately. If you do it online, just fill in a blank form, and we will call you to confirm the appointment.


  • Then, we research your problem and offer straightforward pricing.One of our technicians will visit your home. The clog can often be eliminated with a drain cable machine.However, you may need an overall cleaning of your drainage system or the clog cannot be removed by traditional techniques. In this case, our expert will recommend the hydro jetting method.High-pressure water streams are very efficient for cleaning pipes. The flow of drainage is immediately improved and your home will get rid of pesky waste and odors.


  • Our technicians are sure to check if everything is comfortable for you after cleaning. You will have a chance to assess our work. If something is wrong and does not meet your requirements, we will be happy to understand what exactly went wrong.

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