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Drain installation is service that should only trust to licensed professionals, such as Tornado Plumbing! Our plumbers are trained to do the job fast, with adherence to all plumbing codes, so that you and your family could rely on high quality of the work for years. Pipes will be working perfectly and your water will be clean. Similar approach we take with drain repair or replacement of clay pipes.

Some houses have old drain systems with clay pipes. These clay pipes usually have problems such as roots getting inside of the pipe and blocking or reducing the flow. Also, it’s common for clay pipes to have leaks, which creates a lot of issues when the pipe is inside of the house or under its concrete. Thus, many of our client choose drain replacement. This procedure is not trivial and should be done licensed plumbers. Here at Tornado Plumbing we know how to remove your clay pipes and do PVC drain installation. We have a drain contractors and plumbing license. Finally, our experienced team will install roughing drains with for new drain system.

Drain repair

Sometimes, repairing drain is a better option. In case you only need to fix a short interval of your pipe system, in those scenarios you could save money and not do full drain replacement. Drain repair is easy when you know what to do and Tornado Plumbing licensed plumbers know how to fix your drain. All they need is to identify the element of the pipe that needs to be fixed, cut it out safely and insert a new piece that has no damage. Call Tornado Plumbing today to book a free estimate!

Get drain installation and repair in Toronto. We look forward to serving all your needs. Contact us now for fast service. Request A Service. Get A Quote. Professional Services.

Is the water no longer draining properly or are you bothered by a dirty sewage air? Sure, you are in need of drain repairs. Don’t wait! Make an appointment with one of our plumbers. Due to our extensive experience, the problem is solved quickly. The drain installation service is also in good hands with us. We keep Toronto dry!

Drain Experts

Tornado Plumbing & Drains repair all types of residential drains and install drainage systems in accordance with the Canadian Standard and all insurance company and local authority requirements. We respond instantly to all the emergencies concerning drain issues. The trucks at our disposal are equipped with all the tools and component parts to deal with any, even the most severe, problems.

If your home drainage system is damaged, this is an urgent issue that must be fixed instantly. If you notice some leaks in your basement, it goes without saying that you need some drain repair. Otherwise, this minor damage can turn into a more severe problem resulting in some structural decay in either exterior or interior parts of the house.

In this case, you’d better seek help from such a reputable plumbing company as Tornado Plumbing & Drains. The service workers will arrive at your home to do some repairs in germ. We have all the equipment for fixing the damage caused by winter ice impact or shifting pipes. We can also assemble some extra drainage you may require for the inside or outside parts of your house.


Reputable and Licensed team for your next project!

Serhiy Marunchuk

Company Owner


Real reviews, from real people. Read our google reviews and understand why Tornado-Plumbing is a great choice for all your plumbing needs.

Once again, excellent experience with Tornado plumbing! There was a leak in my basement to which they sent someone to assess the issue very quickly. ....
Maya Shelemay
We were happy with Tornado plumbing from start and finish. Sergey came on the time to give us a quotation,he found the cracks in our foundation wall also our sump pump didn't work also. ....
Last week Sergey and his team from Tornado Plumbing had replaced the sewer drain in our house and installed a new back water valve ....
Oleg Belenki
Excellent work and great attention to detail. Very pleased with Serhiy and his team. Highly recommend their services. ....
Claudia Taylor

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