All the pipes and lines will be carefully examined with the help of the sewer line camera inspection

The Tornado company can help you find out more information about the position and condition of your plumbing system, that part of it that is located deep underground. All the pipes and lines will be carefully examined with the help of the sewer line camera inspection. The service is available across GTA and our team of experts will ensure your peace of mind or identify the issue that can be repaired without any additional effort. 

What Is a Sewer Camera Inspection

As a rule, all sewer lines are located beneath your house’s foundation. They are separated with a concrete slab that has 4-5 inches in width and approximately two feet of dirt above the pipes.

The cleanout or vent stack of the sewer system are used for inserting the head of a special video camera into the pipe. The head is connected to the flexible cable that is easy to use for such  inspection. The camera can detect the possible problems very accurately, with the distinct  place where they have happened. An expert plumber can see the entire situation on a monitor located on the ground.

Actually, a camera used for such inspection looks like a snake that has a very small camera at its end. The appliance can provide a real-time look at the pipes. The cable can bend in accordance with the position and all the curves of the pipes. So, the plumber can see the problem distinctly even in the places where you can never reach on your own. Guessing work on the severity of the problem and its origin can be minimized, so the repair technology that can be used for it fits best to all the conditions.

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Here are the most common problems that can be detected by the camera by our professional plumbers:

  • Problematic pipes. When the pipes have been in use for a very long time, they can be misaligned or shifted and it makes them more vulnerable to cracking and other damage. 
  • Roots of trees. These roots can start growing through the pipe and blocking it badly. 
  • Corrosion. Most old pipes are made of some kind of metal, so they are prone to corrosion. As for the more modern pipes, they are normally made of PVC, so they cannot experience it.
  • Blockages. A pipe can be blocked very often and the causes of the blockage can be various. The camera can help identify the exact cause and place where the blockage is located, so it is easier to pick out the way of removing it.
  • Leaks. The location of this really bad issue can also be detected by the camera, so the repairs will be conducted faster and more effectively.

Scoping a Sewer Line

Some Words about a Scope Inspection of the Sewer

When you start taking actions towards purchasing the house of your dream, you may have a lot of things to think about. You will need to put in an offer, to hire the home inspector, to negotiate the terms and conditions of buying and selling your old home. Everything may seem too much for you.

That is why you may completely ignore one of the most important items of the new house – the state of its plumbing system. Our strong recommendation is to always remember about it. So, mind that a scope inspection of the sewer is a must and it should always be included in the overall house inspection.

Why is a sewer scope inspection so important? Let us explain it to you in more detail.

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Plumbing Camera Inspection

We start the plumber camera inspection by inserting the special rod into pipes that are 2 inches in diameter or more. The rod is flexible and it has a video camera on its end. The high resolution of the camera is necessary for thorough and detailed inspection that can be conducted even in the corners and bends of the pipes. The real-time image that is transmitted to the monitor allows for seeing the inside condition of the pipe. That is very useful for understanding the present-time problems or their potential appearance in the nearest future.

This highly technological video camera line inspection pipe will be examined for any type of problems, for example, the intrusion of roots, breeches in the pipe, corrosion, misaligning or off-grading. The plumber will also see the leaks and buildups, obstructions and any other malfunctioning. Such inspection is also very useful to be conducted after every pipe repair to see how well the line is fixed and cleaned.

Toronto and the Surrounding Area Is Reliably Provided with the Video Camera Inspection Services

The Tornado Company can provide you with the sewer camera inspection of the sewer and plumbing system. This service belongs to our most widely performed ones. So, we have developed new effective methods with the use of high technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. Our dedication is to provide the work of the highest quality. We always pay close attention to the tiniest details in every stage of our inspection and repairs.

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