How to Deal with a Clogged Drain

The problem of a clogged drainpipe can occur all of a sudden. Do not hesitate to address it to the licensed plumbers working in Toronto and its vicinity. Our experts will unblock any severe clogging for a moderate and reasonable price. The price is always fixed and you will not have to pay any extra costs for something you have not ordered. The main tool we are using for this work is a power auger. It can quickly dispose of any clogs, debris, and other obstructions in the drainpipes. Your drain will be flushing and flowing sown even quicker than before. Many residents of Toronto have already used the services of Tornado Plumbing & Drains. Thousands of them can recommend us to you. So, address your problem to us as quickly as possible. Call us and order a free cost estimate first. It will be completed individually for your clogged drain and severity of the problem.

Why Can a Drain in My Home Be Clogged?

The debris consisting of grease and hair can accumulate in the drainpipe. They cannot find their way down the pipe, so they are quickly collected and block the drain. A blocked drain may become serious problem overtime because the build-up does not allow water to flow normally down the pipe. The huge amount of such debris that cannot pass through the drain becomes larger and larger, gets stuck somewhere within the pipe, and blocks the water flow completely. The result of it may get rather dramatic when the bathtub or sink starts backing up. That happens in most cases if the proper attention is not paid on time to the shower water flow.

How Can a Plumber Unblock My Clogged Drain?

You can use a plunger, of course, for some minor clogs, though it won’t work for more persistent obstructions. In this case, you need to address the problem to our expert licensed plumbers. They have a special tool for unblocking severe clogs. It is called an auger or snake (the name which is mostly used by many homeowners). This effective equipment uses another principle which is different from that of a plunger. It just works in the opposite way. By using a plunger, you can just push the debris back up the pipe. The auger pushes the matter down piercing it when the snake is driven into the obstruction, breaking it apart and forcing it further down to reach another part of the clogged pipe.

Gaining access to the entire clog, the technician gradually clears up the pipe until the obstruction is removed completely. In some more complicated cases, the licensed plumber can utilize an electric snake which is more powerful. It can penetrate through the most difficult and tough obstructions in the sinks, drainage systems, or pipes that may need more force. Such snakes are very effective because they are long and the plumber can access the clogging lying deep inside the pipe. If you face your kitchen sink or bathtub drain clogging, address the problem to us immediately. Call us now and we are ready to help at any time.

Our professional plumbers deal with:

  • clogged drain pipes,
  • drain cleaning;
  • drainage clogged;
  • sink drains clogged;
  • clogged shower drains.

Our technicians can do the following types of work:

  • to unblock the clogged pipes;
  • to fix the clogged drainpipes in the kitchen sinks;
  • to clear up the sink which is clogged;
  • to unblock and clear sinks of any type.

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How to get rid of clogged drain or how to clean clogged drainage?

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