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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber

Nobody wants to pay out more than they need to resolve plumbing issues. As a result, many homeowners decide to fix leaks or other defects themselves, hoping to save money. Unfortunately, DIY plumbing solutions frequently create more problems than they solve. In the long term, the cost of the structural damage and inconvenience caused by a poor or sloppy plumbing fix may outweigh the cost of getting the job done correctly by a trained, time-served plumber near you in the first place.


This article discusses the advantages of hiring a professional plumber for you and your property. Discover how plumbing work completed by an expert provides a large amount of added value, saving you money and worry.


Accurate Problem Diagnosis


If water is pouring out of a burst pipe, it’s fairly easy to see what the issue is. However, for many plumbing problems, the cause can be harder to detect. Slow leaks, leaks due to multiple causes, or a leak that’s an indirect result of another problem (such as poor insulation in a roof space, causing a pipe located in the space to burst repeatedly) can all be time-consuming and complex to diagnose.


For a householder without plumbing experience, working out the underlying cause of many plumbing problems can be almost impossible. As a result, amateur repairs often fail to fix the issue – at best, the repair may provide a temporary solution. At worst, the “repair” may just divert water to another location where it can cause damage or even create a hazardous situation, with water trickling through electrics, pooling beneath floorboards, or building up in plasterwork.


Seasoned plumbers not only have extensive knowledge of the likely causes of plumbing problems but also have the correct equipment to carry out specialist testing. The average household is unlikely to have access to a cable-mounted camera, for example, or equipment that can detect changes in water pressure or temperature as it travels through a concealed pipe. 


When you hire a local plumber in Toronto like Tornado Plumbing & Drains, you can expect a tradesperson that has the knowledge and tools required to quickly and accurately diagnose almost any plumbing problem.


Emergency Plumbing 24/7


How prepared are you to deal with a sewer line blockage or pipe leak at 3 am on a Sunday morning? Do you have the right tools and parts to complete an effective repair? Are you alert enough to do the work promptly and accurately? In most cases, homeowners with a plumbing emergency don’t have the parts or tools to resolve it. Further, not many people like fixing their plumbing in the middle of the night. It’s in situations like these that emergency plumbing services Toronto residents can rely on really come into their own.


Nearby plumbers are available day and night, offering a fast, high-quality emergency plumbing service across Toronto and the GTA. Professional plumbers are happy to come out at any time, bringing everything necessary to solve your plumbing issue, usually in a single visit. They can also offer emergency advice on how to turn off your water supply or safeguard your (and your family’s) well-being until they can get to you.


A Safe Solution


How do you know that it’s safe if you carry out a plumbing repair? While attaching a new waste pipe to a sink is unlikely to carry much of a safety risk, other plumbing repairs can be extremely risky if an amateur carries them out. In particular, those involving electricity, gas (boiler or hot water system repairs, for example), or work on the property’s structural integrity (such as installing a sump pump or carrying out foundation repairs) can be very hazardous. 


The danger doesn’t just relate to possible issues if the work isn’t done properly; DIY plumbers who don’t know how to work safely put themselves and other building occupants at considerable risk if they try to carry out complex plumbing work without appropriate experience and knowledge.  


The local government recognizes the risks posed by unsafe plumbing, which is why professional plumbers in Toronto must have suitable qualifications. In addition, they need to be on the Skilled Trades Ontario Public Register. Nobody wants to risk themselves or their family by inadvertently carrying out substandard plumbing work that’s dangerous. It’s not worth it when an experienced, competent local plumber is just a phone call away.


Choose the Correct Solution Rather Than the Easiest


The plumbing solution favored by amateurs is usually cheap, quick, and easy. Without the knowledge, skills, and equipment needed to complete more complex repairs, such as relining a pipe, installing fresh pipework, or replacing sanitary ware, DIY enthusiasts tend to opt for patches, pipe bandages, or other temporary, short-term solutions. 


While in some cases, a “quick fix” may be enough to resolve the problem, a complex repair is often needed. There are several risks associated with using quick fixes:


  • The repair is likely only temporary, meaning it will have to be repeated (which incurs a cost) until a permanent solution is found.

  • Quick fixes may not completely resolve the issue – water may continue to leak, causing damage until more complex work is completed.

  • A short-term solution may fail, meaning a professional still must complete the work. Suppose a professional plumber recommends replacing a leaking pipe rather than repairing it. Their experience tells them that the pipe is too worn for repair to be viable and cost-effective.

  • Unsuccessful DIY repairs are a waste of labor, time, and resources. 


Although the upfront cost of using a registered, certified plumber may be higher than doing the job yourself or using an unqualified person to do the work, you can be confident that a professional plumber will recommend the right solution for your circumstances. 

The Right Tools for the Job


Like any other trade, plumbing requires many specialist tools and equipment. Local plumbers invest heavily in their equipment, often buying top-of-the-range leak detection tools and jet washers to give their customers the best possible service. As plumbers frequently use leak detection equipment, they can justify spending on sophisticated kits that would be uneconomical for homeowners to buy.


The right tools enable plumbers to work quickly (saving you money on labor costs) and deliver better results. 

The Most Up-to-Date Techniques


Plumbing options constantly change as new products and tools come onto the market. Unless you’re a homeowner that reads plumbing trade journals or regularly reacquaints themselves with contemporary plumbing products and methods, it’s unlikely you’ll be aware of the modern options available to resolve your plumbing problem.


Plumbers ensure they acquire up-to-date knowledge of ground-breaking equipment and advanced methods that provide superior results. By using a plumbing professional, you’ll be contracting with a skilled tradesperson with excellent knowledge of the best products on the market to complete your work successfully.


Enjoy Warranty on the Work


In most cases, your plumber will offer a warranty on the work they complete. This means that in the unlikely event of a problem with the job further down the line, the plumber will usually come out and fix it for no additional cost. 


An Overall Assessment of Your Plumbing


As part of assessing and diagnosing your plumbing issue, an experienced plumber doesn’t just look at the immediate problem. They also consider contributing factors such as the age and condition of plumbing fixtures and the work that may be needed to prevent a problem from arising again. A blocked drain due to a tree root penetrating the pipe requires two pieces of work before the problem is solved. Not only does the pipe need to be fixed, but the tree root also needs to be removed, or the issue will reoccur. 


Similarly, if a drain is repeatedly clogging, a plumber will look for the cause and suggest solutions, such as pipe replacement, rather than simply clearing the blockage. Plumbers look at your problem holistically. They will recommend the best course of action to ensure the long-term integrity of your plumbing system. 


Contact a Professional Plumber in Toronto Today


Hiring a professional plumber has several important advantages over using an unqualified person or going the DIY route. Not only can you be confident or enjoy superior results, but when you use a qualified plumber, you’re enlisting the services of a skilled trade professional with the skills and knowledge to get the job done properly, the first time.


Experts in safe working and available 24/7 for all your plumbing needs, a local plumber offers a fast, convenient, and cost-effective option. 


Give the Tornado Plumbing & Drains team a call to find out more about the range of plumbing services Toronto residents can expect from us or book an appointment.


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Serhiy Marynchuk​

Serhiy Marynchuk​

Company owner and lead plumber at Tornado-Plumbing. Serhiy's extensive experience in plumbing as well as leadership skills are some of the reasons the company has been doing well for so many years.​

Serhiy Marynchuk

Company owner and lead plumber at Tornado-Plumbing. Serhiy's extensive experience in plumbing as well as leadership skills are some of the reasons the company has been doing well for so many years.


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