Basement Waterproofing in Toronto and GTA

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Since 2014 Tornado Plumbing has been providing masonry restoration and waterproofing services. We have successfully completed multiple projects across Toronto and Great Toronto Area, our employees are true experts with vast experience and a lot of knowledge on waterproofing basements, both in residential and commercial areas across Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, North York and Vaughan.

Architects and home owners know Tornado Plumbing as high authority professionals in basement waterproofing, underpinning and brick facade waterproofing. Our experts can easily diagnose and find problems and reasons of those issues be it water leak, leaking brick wall or stucco walls. We know how to deal with foundation cracks, basement leaks, brick cracks and rusted lintels and we always provide competitive pricing for our solutions.

Our experts will design a custom solution that will be most efficient for your basement waterproofing. It should be done differently depending on conditions and the cause of the issue, sometimes it’s required to install a drainage system with sump pump in the sub-floor and sometimes we would have to excavate the outside of the wall and waterproof the foundation. To make your crawl space more environment friendly we may install a vapor barrier or drainage system.
If you live close to lake Ontario and your basement constantly get’s flooded in spring or you live up north in Vaughan or Markham and your house foundation cracks because of frost, we will provide a solution.

For those whose walls are cracked, we design additional structural changes to foundation wall to prevent from cracks in the future. We use carbon fiber to reinforce, rebuild or underpin your foundation.If you have rusted lintels in your brick walls, we will replace them to avoid cracks that would result in leaks in the future. We also install flashing and apply water repellents to allow condensate on the walls weep out, we can repoint you wall too if there is such a need.

Waterproofing balconies and parking garages are also in our arsenal of services, we can waterproof and restore them using top quality materials. Moreover, we can rebuild or restore any defects. Experts from Tornado Plumbing work with all kinds of structures concrete, stone, brick and block. Call us today and book your free estimate!