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6 Situations You Will Need Emergency Plumbing Services

Very often, when something is wrong with your home plumbing system, you do not care much. You tend to consider it a minor issue and continue ignoring the problem until it turns into a complete disaster. Remember that you need to address any suspicious fault in your drainage, toilet bowl, or kitchen sink to an emergency plumbing service if you can see it obviously that the situation does not improve.

It is strongly advised to call plumbing services any case.a plumbing expert so do not try to repair the issue yourself. It may seem to you that everything is solved but the result of your DIY work is usually temporary. You’d better consult a reliable plumber in the following six situations you may come across in your home.


The most serious problem that can happen to your home plumbing system is flooding. You need an emergency plumbing expert immediately no matter what the cause of the issue can be. A myriad of causes can lead to such a disastrous situation.

For example, it can be a clogged toilet or kitchen sink, abrupt burst pipes, or you may encounter some pipe leaks that become more and more severe over time. You need to react to the problem very fast because it can lead to the complete chaos, panic, and ruin in your house. 

Toilet Bowl Choke

If you encounter a toilet bowl choke, take some precaution measures against flooding. Turn off all the water taps and fixtures leading to the clogged toilet and, if there are several bathrooms in your home, ask everyone in your family not to flush. The problem may turn out to be much more complicated and the causes of toilet bowl issues are can be rather complex and unpredictable. Never try to repair the issue on your own because the situation may get still worse.

Call an emergency plumber at once after you have just noticed that something is wrong with your toilet bowl and the water is not flushing properly. Try to avoid the most popular misbeliefs and mistakes when choosing an emergency plumber. Never address your toilet bowl problems to inexperienced and unlicensed plumbers. This is an issue that requires much professionalism and expertise to be solved.

Burst Pipes

Alas! This disaster happens in the households much more frequently than you may think. This is the most common residential plumbing emergency around the country. The issue is rather unpleasant and frustrating. Leaking pipes or burst plumbing systems can lead to flooding. Only an emergency plumbing contractor can fix it because usually, you will need an urgent pipe repair or replacement.

Turn off all the taps and fixtures and cover all the water openings in your house because flooding can start at any moment. Your property will be damaged badly if the flooring or drywall are saturated. It will cost you a fortune to repair and replace all the things and constructions in your home if something like that happens.

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So, it is much better to prevent this disaster by responding fast to the issue and calling a professional plumber. The problem may not necessarily be rather complicated and an emergency plumber can resolve it even if the cause  of it is your damaged concealed pipes. The cause can also be in something else but only an experienced expert can identify all hidden faults and the true reasons. 

Clogged Drain

The water can overflow for many other, much simpler, reasons. For example, your drain can be just blocked by some items, grease, or food remnants that were flushed down.

The common causes of a drainage pipe clog are, actually, more diverse than that. Anything that is not meant for flushing down the drain can lead to this disastrous issue. Many people believe that they can cope with the problem on their own. Do not follow them and repeat their mistakes. DIY issue solving can make things worse, especially, if the clog is rather severe and located deep inside the drain or even in the main.

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Address all these difficulties to an experienced emergency plumber. A certified technician will clear out any drainage pipe choke because they usually have all the necessary equipment and expertise to do it quickly and safely to prevent your drain from backing up and overflowing into your home.

Lack of Hot Water

This situation is also quite common. You are going to have a shower, turn on the taps but there is no hot water at all. You start understanding that something is wrong with your entire plumbing system. Check whether the cold water in the shower is running normally.

If yes, this is a signal that your water heater needs replacement or repair. You are upset, of course, because the problem does not seem minor anymore, and you will have to spend extra costs that were not planned in your budget on fixing it. Though, do not decide on your own – the lack of hot water may be caused by other reasons that are rather diverse and unexpected.

For example, it can be a damaged breaker’s box or just the appliance wearing out if it has been serving you for a long time. Replacing some details or fixtures may help a lot. Never believe that you can disassemble your heater and do something about it on your own. Leave all these issues to an experienced plumbing contractor, especially, if a water heater replacement is mandatory. 

Sewage Odors

Suddenly, your tap water starts emanating foul odors. Indeed, it is a serious cause for your concern. This is a sign of some faults in your entire plumbing system. The causes may differ. You may have a disordered sump pump, damaged septic system, or some plumbing issues that are not so obvious. The severe plumbing choke can also cause these nasty odors. Do not think too long before calling an emergency plumber. It’s great if the cause of the odors is minor and can be fixed easily.

Hesitation can lead to more severe problems, such as flooding and significant damage to your property. Your showers, toilets, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures can be damaged severely as well. Try to check everything after the sewer issue has been fixed to avoid further problems.

Serhiy Marynchuk​

Serhiy Marynchuk​

Company owner and lead plumber at Tornado-Plumbing. Serhiy's extensive experience in plumbing as well as leadership skills are some of the reasons the company has been doing well for so many years.​

Serhiy Marynchuk

Company owner and lead plumber at Tornado-Plumbing. Serhiy's extensive experience in plumbing as well as leadership skills are some of the reasons the company has been doing well for so many years.


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