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How to unclog a toilet without a plunger?

You may come across the clogged toilet at any moment. It is always better to have a plunger at hand. However, you may not have it when you need it badly. Doing something urgently is a must to avoid backup, so let us consider some other methods on how to do it without a plunger. These methods can be both mechanical and chemical.

Remember to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands and wash your hands after you have finished unclogging. When you prefer chemical methods, use only one of the suggested below at a time because the combination of different chemicals can be rather dangerous.

1. A DIY variant with a drain auger or rod 

You can try to unblock (unclog) your toilet with something thin and sharp that can be inserted into the tub. The best tool for it is a drain auger or rod but you need to have it at hand in your household. if you don’t have it available, try to use some unwound item, for example, a curtain wire or clothes hanger. Though, you need to be very careful because metal items can easily scratch the toilet tub.

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2. An enzyme unblocker 

You can acquire such an enzyme-containing product as waste remover in your local household store. This kind of enzyme is utilized for big septic systems at the factories and other industrial utilities to turn waste materials that are mostly organic into liquids. Such an enzyme product is also organic so it is much less dangerous to the environment than its fully chemical counterparts. However, you need to know that such a cleaner will be useful if you try to clean the drain blocked by organic waste only.

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3. Liquids meant for washing up 

Using washing-up liquids is a good option if you deal with the tub clogged with toilet paper. Just squeeze half a bottle of the liquid into the tub. It is heavier than the water and will sink to the bottom of the bowl soon. Then, fill a bucket with water and pour it down the u-bend. If the blockage is not too severe, such a method is very helpful.

4. Soda crystals and white vinegar 

This combination provides a chemical effect of dissolving the clogs. Such substances as soda and white vinegar are always handy in your kitchen cupboard. Throw a handful of soda into the bowl and then, pour a cup of vinegar into it. Leave the toilet for about 15 minutes to let the mixture work and finally, flush the tub with a kettle of very hot water.

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5. Vinegar and baking soda 

This method looks like that described above. The difference is in preparation of the mixture beforehand. To do that, take 4-5 tablespoons of soda and pour some vinegar into the cup. The mixture will start fizzing. It’s time to pour it into the toilet. Leave it working in the tub for about 5-10 minutes because the solution needs some time to be effective. The method may not provide any visible results at first so you may need to repeat the procedure but with a larger amount of soda.

6. Biological washing powder 

The most obvious benefit of this method is that, even if it does not help much, your toilet will smell fresh after the procedure. Throw 2-3 handfuls of the powder into the toilet tub and then flush it with boiling water. One kettle of water will be enough for this experiment. You can repeat it for the second time if you suspect that the clog hasn’t been removed completely.

7. A wet-dry vacuum cleaner 

A wet-dry vacuum cleaner is a home appliance that can use water. You may utilize it first and foremost for draining water from the water bowl. Then, you have to insert the vacuum cleaner’s hose into the toilet bowl down to the u-bend. After that, you will need to seal the bowl at the location of the vacuum tube by using some rag or towel. It will create a perfect and reliable seal to block the air from moving into the tub. Push the hose further to the u-bend. If you are lucky enough and the clog is not too severe, the cleaner will pull it out and the toilet drain will be unblocked.

Serhiy Marynchuk​

Serhiy Marynchuk​

Company owner and lead plumber at Tornado-Plumbing. Serhiy's extensive experience in plumbing as well as leadership skills are some of the reasons the company has been doing well for so many years.​

Serhiy Marynchuk

Company owner and lead plumber at Tornado-Plumbing. Serhiy's extensive experience in plumbing as well as leadership skills are some of the reasons the company has been doing well for so many years.


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