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Signs You Need To Call a Plumber Immediately

A constant pitter-patter coming from the bathroom sink or kitchen faucet can be annoying. Most homeowners avoid minor leaks and even try DIY fixes to get rid of them. However, those tiny drops can turn into a major nuisance if not properly fixed on time. You might think that a small leakage simply needs a five-minute tune-up, so why call a plumber when you can fix it on your own. But fixing faulty plumbing isn’t that simple. A leakage that starts with a tiny trickle of water under the sink could turn into a puddle of water if not repaired properly. Just like there are specialists for fixing electrical appliances, only plumbing experts know the right techniques to handle intricate plumbing systems.

Plumbing is an integral component of all residential and commercial buildings. It is the right plumbing fitting that ensures a constant water supply in the building. However, plumbing isn’t just about getting water in taps. It also includes the installation of water boilers, heating systems, washing machines, sump pumps, and much more.

Why Avoid DIY Plumbing Repair?

The video you watched on YouTube can help in fixing a minor leak. But to diagnose the cause behind that leak and fix that hidden issue, you need an expert. Only professional plumbers have the knowledge and understanding of the plumbing systems and the recent coding standards. They utilize their hands-on experience to diagnose the issue and find the best solution.

You could encounter a plumbing problem in many forms. A clogged sink, faulty pipe, leaking tap, or no water- all issues can disturb your routine. Moreover, if leaks are not repaired on time, the excess moisture could lead to mold and fungus growth. So, to avoid these issues and protect the structural integrity of your house, make sure you seek the services of a certified plumber.

Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

Many pipes are hidden while some issues are ignored deliberately that could lead to serious trouble. Identifying and fixing plumbing issues early not only prevents inconvenience but also helps you to avoid expensive repairs and replacements. Below we have mentioned some signs that mean you need to call a plumber immediately.

1.      Low Water Pressure

If water isn’t flowing properly, it indicates a problem. Low or inconsistent water pressure means there is a bigger, more serious problem with the supply line. So, if you’re taking longer than usual in the bathroom to wash the shampoo out of your hair, you have poor water pressure that needs to be checked. If water is coming slow from a single faucet or shower, then possibly it’s only because of the mineral buildup in the fixture that needs to be cleaned. However, if multiple taps have the same issue, you need to find an experienced plumbing repair service to diagnose the cause of low pressure and fix the problem.

2.      Sink or bathtub is Slow to Drain

If after washing dishes in the sink or taking shower creates a pool of water, clearly there’s something wrong under the sink or bathtub. When water fills in the sink while washing dishes, it means you have a drainage issue or something is clogging up your plumbing. Anything from dirt to even small rodents could get stuck in the pipe which makes it difficult to drain water. You can’t find out what is stuck inside by simply looking down in the dark and smelly drain. Only professional plumbers have specialized tools that can clear your drains efficiently.

3.      Overflowing Toilet or Backflow Issue

It’s normal to sometimes experience toilet overflow. But if you’re encountering this issue frequently, you need an expert to find out what’s wrong. If not repaired, overflowing water could damage your toilet, as well as pipes. If clogging is the culprit, you can’t clean and fix the drain pipe. Another major annoyance could be water back-flow. It can be disgusting to see water springing from your kitchen or bathroom sink onto the tiles and moving to other rooms. If not stopped quickly, this overflowing water can ruin your carpet and rugs. When water backflows, it means it isn’t clean water. Once drained from the sink, water goes in the drainage and gets stinky. It is unhygienic to get that drain water to enter your home. This problem occurs when water pressure is poor. A skilled plumber can quickly shut the main water valve and resolve the issue.

4.      No Water Available

The most obvious sign of a plumbing problem is no water. When you’re running late for the office, the worst thing that could happen is no water in the bathroom. At first, you may think that you forgot to pay your water bill. But if that’s not the reason, then there’s a serious plumbing issue at bay. If there’s no water, possibly you have an undetected blockage somewhere or maybe a leak. The plumbing setting of a building remains hidden behind the wall or under the home. Since the pipelines are concealed, it is difficult to find out the exact reason behind an issue. Besides this issue, you could also run out of hot water. This could happen due to a leak or crack in the tank or if your heater tank isn’t big enough. But if this isn’t the issue, call a plumber to get the problem fixed.

5.      Pipe Burst

During the winter season, the water inside the pipeline freezes which results in a pipe burst. Pipe burst is a serious issue that causes significant water damage. When this issue occurs, it’s difficult to identify the affected pipes. However, trained plumbers can check behind your wall or under the foundation to resolve this problem. Pipe burst is the worst nightmare of wintertime. Attempting a do-it-yourself thawing isn’t as effective as seeking the services of a professional. If not fixed the right way, pipe burst causes extensive water damage to your home and belongings.

6.      Dripping Faucet or Running Toilet

If you hear the sound of flushing water long after you flushed the toilet, it is a signal of a problem within your plumbing system. Even if constantly running toilet water isn’t causing you trouble, it wastes water and also increases your water bill. This problem usually happens when the seal connecting the toilet tank to the bowl gets damaged.  Likewise, if the faucet is constantly dripping, this leak could be indicative of a serious plumbing problem.

Serhiy Marynchuk​

Serhiy Marynchuk​

Company owner and lead plumber at Tornado-Plumbing. Serhiy's extensive experience in plumbing as well as leadership skills are some of the reasons the company has been doing well for so many years.​

Serhiy Marynchuk

Company owner and lead plumber at Tornado-Plumbing. Serhiy's extensive experience in plumbing as well as leadership skills are some of the reasons the company has been doing well for so many years.


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