The most widely spread cause of drain clogging is flushing down the items and substances that are not meant for that. Pipe clogging is usually referred to as a blockage.

What Causes a Sewage Backup

Blockages causes a Sewage Backup

The most common culprits of it are the following:

  • Any kind of wipes: you need to be aware of the fact that even those of them that are marked as ‘flushable’ can lead to clogging.
  • Any products of personal hygiene, such as sanitary supplies, condoms, or dental flosses.
  • Cooking grease, fat, or oil that tends to lodge on the inside surfaces of pipes.

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There are some other items that should not be flushed down or poured into the drains to avoid clogging. Every item of such kind has instructions on how to dispose of it, so you need to consider them carefully.

Tree roots

When your drain pipes get clogged, consider the roots of the trees around your house. Very often, they grow fast and penetrate into the sewer. That causes blockages or damaged drains which can start leaking any time or block the sewer flow.

Broken or cracked sewer pipes

With time, even the sewer pipes of the best quality can break down. Cracks often appear in those pipes that were installed in old houses and made of clay or cast iron. The matter is that durable materials of nowadays were simply not available.

Heavy rain

In some places and seasons, the weather conditions may not be quite favorable. Heavy rains and storms can fill in the sewers and, when they are full, they can overflow. The excess water can penetrate into the home and cause severe damage. You need to consider the possibility of your basement flooding and learn how to avoid such situations.

Call Now for Tornado Plumbing & Drains If You Have a Sewer Backup in Your House

If a sewer backup has already happened in your home, do not waste time. You may think that you are able to repair everything on your own. However, the lack of special equipment can lead to a disastrous delay. You will face severe water damage and it can be much costlier than hiring an expert plumbing company immediately to deal with the problem. Call a local plumbing company at once for water damage restoration and repair.

Do not hesitate to get your flooded basement cleaned up. Only the professional plumbers can extract the backup sewage substances from your home and help you get rid of all the contamination. They can also repair the damaged pipes, disinfect the spaces, and do some rebuilding work if needed.BlockagesBroken or cracked sewer pipesHeavy rainSewage BackupTree roots

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