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The Best Drainage & Plumbing Services in Toronto

Efficient drainage is one of the most important ways to maintain a clean, safe interior. A property’s drainage system removes wastewater. In addition, roof run-off also drains into the sewage system, albeit through a different pipe system than that used for waste disposal. Ensuring your drainage is working well is essential, which is why you need the number of a plumber near you with the skills and equipment to carry out a variety of drainage repairs and maintenance.

Tornado Plumbing & Drains is a Toronto plumber near you that offers the answer to all your drainage work needs. Our drainage services include drain replacement, inspection, cleaning, and repair. Available 24/7/365, the team is also on hand to deal with all your drainage emergencies. 

Read on to discover more about the drainage services we offer and why many local people searching for a “plumber near me” opt for Tornado to fix their drainage issues.

Drain Installation

Typically we install new drains either for older properties, where the existing drainage system no longer meets the needs of the household or on new-build projects where there is a need for an efficient, high-grade drainage system. When you call a plumber near you, such as Tornado Plumbing & Drains, you can expect a complete project management solution for your new drainage installation work.

At Tornado, our team of time-served, skilled, and friendly plumbers is happy to discuss the type of installation that will be best for your property and provide a FREE, no-obligation quote. We can quote for commercial and residential installations, including fresh drainage for offices, retail premises, multi-occupancy properties, and more. If you are experiencing problems with your current drain and want to know whether a fresh installation is needed, we use a cable-mounted camera to video your drainage network. The video footage provides clear imagery of the inside of your network, ensuring you can see why we recommend an upgrade or drain replacement.  

If you are happy with the price, we complete site preparation, installation, and post-installation inspection and testing. Our installation methods cause minimal disruption – when you need a Toronto plumber near you that can install new drainage without ruining your yard or frontage, we can get the job done.

Drain Repair

Just like any other part of your property, drains are subject to wear and tear. Not only are they adversely affected by the waste that passes through the pipe, subsidence, tree roots, seasonal and daily temperature fluctuations, and water-logged soil can all place additional stress on the drainage system. 

Signs that your drainage may need a repair include:

  • Repeated blockages

  • Slow-draining sinks, baths, and toilets

  • Mold or dampness problems in your basement

  • A foul odor with no clear cause

  • Pools of foul-smelling water or repeated infestations of flies or similar pests. 

If you are searching for a plumber near you that provides a cost-effective, fast, and reliable drain repair service, Tornado Plumbing & Drains can deliver just what you’re looking for. With over twenty-five years of experience completing drain repairs of all types, there’s nothing we haven’t come across before! No matter how challenging your drain repair might be, you can depend on the team at Tornado to diagnose the issue swiftly and accurately, then implement the best solution to resolve the matter. 

When you need a local plumber to take on challenging and complex drain repairs, call us. We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology, including our cable-mounted CCTV camera. Armed with our hi-tech kit, we rapidly and accurately pinpoint the cause and location of the problem. This information lets us suggest the best plumbing option for fixing the problem. As a result, most drain repairs are completed in a single visit. Our repairs are long-lasting and quickly restore your drain system to full working order. 

We provide drainage plumbing Toronto homes and businesses can rely on – remember, we offer 24-hour cover, so if you need an emergency drainage repair, you know who to call!

Drain Camera Inspection

Are you moving into a new property and want to know what condition your drainage system is in? Perhaps you’ve been having a few issues with your drains and want to know if there’s an underlying problem. In these circumstances, the best plumbing solution is often to use a cable-mounted CCTV camera to obtain footage of the inside of your pipework. 

As the name suggests, a cable-mounted camera is simply a high-caliber video camera mounted on a cable. It is inserted into the drain and takes pictures as it travels through the network. Interpreted by a time-served plumber, the footage shows where problems are in the drainage system and what’s causing those problems. 

Finding a plumber near you who can accurately interpret the CCTV information is vital to get the best plumbing solution. The professional plumbing Toronto residents can expect from the Tornado team includes expert assessment of the cable-mounted footage. Not only will we complete the CCTV work, but we will also provide an in-depth analysis of the results and suggest the best option for your drainage system.

Using evidence from a camera inspection ensures that customers don’t get unnecessary work done or suffer undue disruption as long lengths of drainage pipe are dug up “just in case.” Accurate fault diagnosis ensures the best plumbing solution is implemented, saving money and optimizing the chances the problem will be permanently fixed. 

Drain Replacement

Tornado Plumbing & Drains offers an economical and effective drain replacement service for properties across Toronto and the GTA. Whether you need a part of your drainage pipe replaced or an entire drainage system upgraded and renewed, we are the best plumbing professionals in Toronto to get the work done. 

When you use us for your plumbing, Toronto homeowners and premises managers can expect to receive a winning combination of exceptional workmanship and friendly, professional service. We are a plumber near you who takes the time to explain to our customers the problem with their current drain and the benefits a drain replacement will bring. We will complete every part of the replacement quickly and efficiently, including removing and disposing of the old system. 

If you are suffering repeated drainage blockages or other recurring drain problems, it could be that a drain replacement is the best option. Our goal is always to provide customers with the ideal plumbing solution for their drainage system.

Drain Maintenance

Like any other part of your property, drains benefit from regular maintenance. Arranging scheduled drain servicing from a professional plumber may improve the performance of your drains, reducing the risk of failure and even prolonging the life of your drainage system. 

Tornado Plumbing & Drains provides a full suite of maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. When you schedule drainage maintenance, one of our seasoned professionals will thoroughly inspect your drainage system. If necessary, we will complete a CCTV inspection, resolve any minor problems (before they become major, costly issues) and provide an opportunity for customers to discuss any concerns they might have about the operation of their drainage network.

Regular maintenance is particularly useful for commercial clients who wish to avoid the lost trade that a drain blocking unexpectedly may cause. Proactive maintenance is also particularly useful for households that include vulnerable people or children. A blocked drain or sub-optimal drainage system can cause pest infestations, and there is the risk of sewage backing up, even entering the property in some cases. Preventing these scenarios through regular maintenance helps to ensure the health and well-being of building occupants. 

Commercial Drain Replacement, Repair & Cleaning

When it comes to commercial plumbing work, Tornado has got you covered. We have extensive experience in successfully completing commercial drainage work, including repairs, maintenance, and fresh installations. Every team member is up-to-speed with current commercial plumbing legislation and guidance, ensuring our installations and repairs are fully compliant with health and safety requirements and other applicable standards. 

As a business ourselves, we understand the challenges and constraints that commercial ventures face. This means we tailor our commercial services, so our customers experience minimal downtime and a rapid, responsive solution to all their drainage needs. When downtime means a loss of profits, it’s essential to find a plumber you can depend on to be there when needed, day or night. Our emergency service and commitment to rapid arrival on site make us the commercial plumber of choice for enterprises across Toronto and the GTA. 

We believe we offer the best plumbing answer for local home and business owners who need a plumber in Toronto that can meet all their drainage needs. 

Ask about our competitive rates and FREE quotes!

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Serhiy Marynchuk​

Serhiy Marynchuk​

Company owner and lead plumber at Tornado-Plumbing. Serhiy's extensive experience in plumbing as well as leadership skills are some of the reasons the company has been doing well for so many years.​

Serhiy Marynchuk

Company owner and lead plumber at Tornado-Plumbing. Serhiy's extensive experience in plumbing as well as leadership skills are some of the reasons the company has been doing well for so many years.


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