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Once you become a homeowner, the maintenance responsibilities of the home become very apparent. From roofs, furnaces, windows, landscaping and so on. However, people often neglect to remember one of the most important features of their homes, the plumbing. As a vital part of day-to-day life, plumbing is usually treated with an “out of sight, out of mind” approach. Once a drainage becomes clogged within your home, a wide variety of issues (flooding basement, clogged shower or slow running kitchen sink) can result. This is why it’s always vital to contact a drain cleaning plumber to have any issue diagnosed and corrected as soon as possible.

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Types of Clogged Drains We Repair

When to Call a Toronto Drain Cleaning Company

With our expert team of drain cleaners, we repair all types of clogs.

  1. Bathroom Drains: Being a high usage location in a home, the bathroom is a common place to have drains clog. Not strictly the toilet, bathroom sinks and shower drains clog frequently due to hair, waste and build-up. Usually all these drains are connected, so a problem in one can lead to a problem in the whole bathroom.
  2. Kitchen Drains: Arguably the most common place clogs occur in a home. Food waste goes down these drains daily (lessened with a good strainer in the sink) and grease buildup occurs over time. The efficiency and design of your kitchen drainage is key in preventing these clogs from occurring.
  3. Laundry Drains: no different than bathroom or kitchen drains, the laundry drain can become clogged as well. Homes often have the laundry in furnace room where much of the HVAC drainage occurs (from AC, heating, water purification systems). Any clog here, however unexpected, can cause issues in other locations in the home.
  4. Main Drains: The main drain leaving your home is vital in ensuring the waste from your home ends up in the sewer. A clog here can result in all the before mentioned drains being backed up and causing issues through out the home.

We solve different drain issues:

  • Clogged Sinks
  • Clogged Bathtubs
  • Clogged Showers
  • Clogged Toilets
  • Clogged Floor Drains

Drain Cleaning Toronto

Drain Cleaning Services Offered at Tornado

Here at Tornado Plumbing & Drains, we offer the full range of services to our clients. We have all the cleaning machines required for your job, whatever it is. These services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Auguring & Snaking (all sizes of household drains)
  2. cleaning drains with Power-flushing/hydro-jetting
  3. clean the drain pipes
  4. clean a drain trap
  5. clean the sink drain
  6. Camera Inspections
  7. Drain repair, installation and maintenance services
  8. Clogged Drain Repair Toronto
  9. Drains laying
  10. Drain clearing (kitchen, shower, bathroom, laundry, main)
  11. 24-hour emergency response drain clearing services
  12. bathtub drain cleaning
  13. Plumbing repair services
  14. 24-hour emergency drain clearing
  15. Cabling the line
  16. Snake laundry drain

Often people ask “what is the average drain cleaning cost?” Despite the wide variety of drain issues, Tornado Plumbing & Drains offers affordable drains opening and drain cleaning toronto costs for our jobs.

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Toronto Drain Cleaning

Signs for when a Professional Drain Cleaner is Required!

Tornado Plumbing & Drains, as a leading drain cleaning company in Toronto, knows the signs for when plumbing services are required. No matter now minor a plumbing issue can seem to start, if left unresolved the issue could continue to grow and become a much bigger, and more costly, problem.

Everyone inherently knows how plumbing should operate. Any change from the norm warrants a homeowner’s attention. A few examples of things that commonly happen to drains that prompt a homeowner to think “what’s weird”:

  1. Drains making odd or unexpected sounds, such as gurgling, sucking in air
  2. Takes a much longer time for the drain to empty
  3. Strange or unpleasant smells emanating from drains or plumbing fixtures

This is where Tornado Plumbing & Drains comes in. Our drain cleaning service in Toronto can locate and resolve any size clog within your Toronto home’s plumbing. From small to complete clogs, they often require professional expertise to fix completely. Clogs, especially recurring ones, happen due to an issue in the drains themselves; many DIY solutions promise results but rarely deliver permanent solutions.

  • Slow drains
  • Drains are gurgling, slow running, not running or backing up 
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your toilet
  • Frequent clogs
  • Several clogged drains at the same time.
  • Unpleasant odors and smells emitting from your plumbing fixtures.

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What You Get When You Hire a Toronto Drain Cleaning Expert

When the time comes for a homeowner, where a clog is causing issues and they decide to call for professional help, this is a step in the right direction. Professional plumbers can offer experience and expertise with drains that most homeowners will never have. The team at Tornado Plumbing & Drains, has years of experience and given we do drain cleaning every day, we have the “know-how” and tools to get your plumbing issue resolved.

As a premium drain cleaning service company in Toronto and the GTA, our plumbers use a wide variety of technology and tools to save you time and headache on drain cleaning costs.

  1. Snaking: Augurs and power snakes ranging in size; from small jobs all the way up to commercial grade.
  2. Hydro-jetting and Power flushing: using high pressure jets, this option scours drains and pipes clean of debris and waste that a snake would normally never be able to clear.
  3. Camera Inspections: being able to locate, see and diagnose a plumbing issue is amazingly helpful to ensure we find the extent of the problem and then are able to deliver the solution that will solve the problem once and for all.
  4. Drain installation/repair: once the issue is located, our technicians can change your drains to ensure the issue never returns.

Many people approach plumbing problems as a DIY issue. Always remember safety first in this regard! Many DIY drain cleaning methods can be unsafe if performed improperly. Chemical drain cleaners need proper ventilation or can become harmful in small/confined spaces. Augurs, hand or power; can also be personal safety risks without proper training. Their use can also damage fixtures and/or make the problem worse; for example causing a cracked pipe to fully collapse.

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Most Common Drain Cleaning Snakes

  • Auger
  • Electric Hand held snake 
  • Cable/Drum Snake 

The Cons of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

 A liquid that can clear drains seems like easy to use and helpful technology. In some situations, it can temporarily resolve an issue. Almost every time, these products only clear out a small opening along the bottom of the clogged pipe; usually to allow just enough water/waste to pass through the pipes. Since the majority of the clog remains, this will likely become a recurring issue. These problems that cause these clogs can’t be fixed by chemical agents.

Bear in mind, due to the chemical composition of these cleaners, that repeated use will erode your home’s pipes. This erosion can lead to the drains becoming weakened and susceptible to cracking/leaking.

Chemical drain cleaners do not locate the issue either. They try to eat through the clog and continue on their way. This leaves the homeowner in the dark, giving a false perception that the problem is corrected. Plus, the chemical cleaners are not environmentally friendly.

The real solution to this issue is you need the help of a professional drain cleaning plumber. A drain cleaning expert would be able to identify, locate and repair the issue within your drainage system and make sure the job is done properly the first time. 

Did you know? It is recommended by professional plumbers that a yearly kitchen cleaning should be part of your home maintenance routine. Call (647) 784-8448 to schedule yours. 

Importance of Sewer and Drain Camera Inspections

One of the best things you can do is have a camera inspection done on your home’s plumbing. From new home owners wanting a better understanding of their new property, to when drains back up; camera inspections give you insight into what is causing the problem or may cause future problems. For instance, there is no point in replacing an interior drain pipe for your sewage system, if the cause of the clogged drain is tree root penetration further down the line in a different exterior area. Camera inspections can precisely locate issues and ensure the correct solution is implemented.

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Commercial and Industrial drain cleaning in Toronto:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Senior Housing
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping Centers

Residential cleaning

Here is a list of residential services we provide:

  • Main Sewer Lines
  • Shower Drains
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Bathtubs
  • Maintenance Programs

If you have any questions regarding the services we provide, please call for your free estimate!

What are the Best Methods of Professional Drain Cleaning?

Snaking, Hydro-Jetting, Chemical Cleaners, and Augering are all methods of drain cleaning!

Why Our Clients Love Us

Drain obstructions can happen at any time and for any number of reasons. Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing and drain problems we see in Toronto and the rest of the GTA. Luckily, we have the tools and training to quickly fix even the toughest plumbing disasters. Here at Tornado Plumbing & Drains, we treat your home’s plumbing as we treat our own. We strive to offer affordable drain cleaning costs to our clients while being available 24/7 to deliver these services. Please check out our online specials and promotions to learn more about our drain clearing services. These are reasons we are the experts in drainage cleaning that Toronto trusts

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