Our priority is consultation and education for our customers. Being a homeowner, you need to know what is going on with your humid basement. In this way only, you will be able to make the most suitable decision. Thrasher does all kinds of work in the basement to make it dry and safe again.

However, you need to be aware of all these processes and be sure that everything will go smoothly. Are you frustrated by a wet basement? Try our easy basement waterproofing solutions.

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Seeping Water?

Some options are a must when you have come across the seepage of water from the walls. First, you need to stop it immediately. The new sealant made of epoxy polyurethane is applied in the form of injection into the crack. That will help restore the wall and block any excess moisture. Another good option is a cement-based sealant applied directly to the wall or floor surface. Its advantage is the ability to react and crystallize with the concrete, the basic material your foundation wall is usually made of. This foam can expand and patch all the crevices and fractures on the surface. The leakage will stop forever.

However, consider the cause of crack appearance before applying the epoxy injection. Sometimes, it can be much more serious and require more consistent measures to be taken.

Serious Basement Leaks and Flooding?

A good-quality sump pump can become a rescuer for your home at times of emergency when you face flooding or dramatic leakages. The sump pump is an effective waterproofing method. It drives the excess water away from the foundation. The special place where the pump is located in the basement is called a sump pit. The only thing to remember is that you need to speak to a qualified plumber before the installation of the pump. Only an experienced waterproofing contractor can advise the right pump of the appropriate size and capacity that suits exactly your needs and the technical characteristics of your property. The correctly chosen pump should be reliable and durable. Never try to install it on your own, though. This is a job for a well-trained technician only. You do not have enough expertise to handle such an installation.

Musty and Unpleasant Smells?

Utilize the SaniDry™ Basement Dehumidifier and corresponding Air Filtration System to get rid of basement odors caused by excess humidity. In this way, you can also dispose of other air allergens. The mold spores spreading from the humid basement all around your house will be eliminated and controlled effectively. Your family members will not need to worry about unpleasant odors and harmful substances in the air. Enjoy a healthier environment with our advanced solutions.

Want to Get Your Basement Walls Prepared for Finishing?

If you want to get your basement finished, apply the additional layer of a sealer that can protect the surfaces from the mold. Use our brand-new CleanSpace® Basement Wall Vapor Barrier. No moisture or vapor will ever penetrate into your house anymore.

Moisture in Your Basement?

Interior systems for water drainage make up the best solution for keeping the basement dry. They perform redirecting the seepage from the foundation walls away into the garden. You can also install drain tiles. They are specific pipes perforated with holes. You can install them along the interior foundation wall and then cover them with gravel. In this way, the nasty moisture that has penetrated into the basement is channeled to the sump pit. The pump then pushes it away outside. This is the main working procedure for most drainage systems. Though, the basic principles can change depending on the materials, ways of placement, pipe length, and shape as well as on the pitch level. The best variant is when your system is equipped with a perforated PVC pipe. It should also be equipped with a special filter sock made of nylon. That is used for filtering debris that is most often the main cause of clogging.

Leaky Basements with Standing Water?

The outdated French drains that can be clogged easily are the choice of the past. Opt for the best brand-new basement fixing technology you can find on the market today. Pick out our WaterGuard® drainage system. It is meant for the interior installation, provides safety against clogging, and keeps the basement dry for ages. The waterproofing techniques of the past do not work anymore, so trust the latest patented technologies and implement them in your house with us.

Leakages in the Window Wells or Stains on the Foundation Wall?

Our technicians are well-trained and experienced enough to fix any egress window wells that have been once poorly designed and, therefore, let the moisture penetrate into the basement. To eliminate seeping, leaking, and even flooding, we use the WellDuct® Window Well Drain. We know how to work carefully and avoid additional unpleasant disruptions and damage that may result from inattentive treatment while the appliance is being installed.

Want to Enjoy Your Dry Basement Permanently?

Choose the most modern devices and facilities. For example, our TripleSafe Sump Pump System is the best available solution and the most reliable one for your lower layers of the house to stay dry all the year round. Or try to get the peace of mind with our IceGuard® System and stop worrying about possible water backup. Even if your discharge line gets frozen or badly clogged, the system will cope with the problem.

What’s the Best Basement Waterproofing Solutions?

All the waterproofing devices and techniques are applicable and useful when you want to diminish water penetration into your house. However, experienced professionals would recommend the combination of a sump pump and a drainage system. In this case, the basement will be protected against any level of water leakage and flooding. You can choose the rightest waterproofing solution if you are aware of all the secrets and tips on how to keep your basement dry, safe, and comfortable.

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