Burst Pipe Emergency – Prevention and Action

Drain replacement (bust pipe) is what Tornado Plumbing can do for you!

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Tornado Plumbing has been working in Toronto and GTA for many years and one of the most common issues in plumbing is pipe bursts in the water system, both in residential and commercial systems. There are multiple reasons for bust pipes, freezing temperatures is usually the main. There are other reasons like damage, misuse or age of pipes that cause failure of the system and you need to call emergency plumber. Some systems have water and other liquids under high pressure which causes break downs of piping with any faults. Burst pipes can have devastating and dramatic effects, such as putting people out of house, damaging property and even shutting down the road or area of city for several days. As a result one house or even a neighborhood can be left without water.


Leaking Burst Pipes

In city like Toronto or Mississauga with a population boom and non-stop construction, the plumbing systems and integrations are so complicated and diverse in terms of age and standards, that it makes timely maintenance almost impossible. There are many different systems that use pipes and are integrated between each other, such as boilers, waste disposals and garden features. Burst water pipe in a residential house is probably the worst plumbing issue a household can face, it not the cost of calling a plumber to repair the issue or the cost of lost water, but the damage this water can make to your property. Some pipe bursts can be unnoticed in the first couple hours if the pipe is in the floor or ceiling.

You can loose up to 500 liters of water from the burst pipe per hour. So if the water leak is happening when no one is at home and it is only noticed 10 hours later. You could get up to 5,000 liters of water in your house. Which is enough to fill in a bedroom from floor to ceiling. Which could cause a substantial damage to the building and the property inside. On top of that there is a price of the water that you will have to pay to the city of Toronto. That is why it is extremely important to do regular checks and timely maintenance of your water system by professional plumbers like Tornado Plumbing.


How to Prevent Pipe Burst?


  1. Know when your stopcock is and how to operate it.
  2. Make sure that any outdoor pipes are insulated, including drainage pipes.
  3. Ensure that pipes in an unheated areas like garage or shed are well lagged.
  4. Cold water tank needs to be insulated to prevent pipe bursts.
  5. Leave your heating on at 12 degrees cesium in the cold weather, to prevent pipes from freezing.
  6. Fix any leaks or dripping taps before the frost.
  7. Get your heating system serviced regularly.
  8. Leave your loft hatch open to let the worm air in when it’s frosty outside.
  9. If you are leaving house unoccupied make sure to turn the stopcock off and drain the water from the system.

Follow the above steps save your water system from burst pipes and call Tornado Plumbing if you need help!