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It is not a secret that a leaking basement diminishes the value of your property. It decreases by about 10-20%. Since your house in Toronto is your most valuable investment, think about the timely fixing of all the issues of such kind.

The materials used for construction, even if they are of the best quality, can be affected by different factors. They can include unfavorable weather conditions, soil shifting, the sharp changes of temperatures, and many others. The ground in the area where you house is located can be saturated because of heavy rainstorms and snowfalls. When the soil is saturated, the excess moisture penetrates into the concrete regularly.

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Why Do I Have Basement Problems in My Home?

Remember that excess water gets into your house in many ways. Among the most common causes, let us name a leakage in the plumbing system, some issues with the drainage, as well as the minor cracks in the foundation surface. Does it really matter for you what has caused the problem? Perhaps, the most important factor to be worried about is bad consequences that can become a result of the leakage or excess water appearance. Of course, it is always better to find the source of the problem. However, it is not your job to trace the water seeping back to its initial point. Think about calling an expert to inspect the problem and detect the source. You can find such a specialist in our Tornado team.

The vitally essential factor to consider is the type of soil in the area where your house in located. Sometimes, it leads to excess moisture in a lower layer. The ground can be unhealthy or saturated, and that makes up a real problem. The different types of soil in Ontario include silt, sand, or clay. It can also be a combined soil mixing all these three types. Draining water effectively is an important quality of any soil. The fastest drainage occurs in sand, the properties of silt provide intermediate draining, while clay is the heaviest and densest of all the three types. It can get saturated easily expanding and holding the moisture within it, and then, it dries out providing the nasty outcomes.

Clay Bowl Effect

When the house is being built, everything starts with pouring and setting up the foundation. A large pit is usually excavated for this purpose. When the foundation is completed and the walls are constructed, a certain gap appears between these walls and the ground around them. That is why it is important to replace the soil that has been previously excavated and backfill the area around the foundation perimeter. However, the soil is not of the same quality as it has been removed before. It is much fluffier, pored, and looser than that soil which is naturally packed and untouched. Owing to this, the excess water is collected in this layer that surrounds the house. This phenomenon is also known under the name of a ‘clay bowl’. With time, the water starts putting pressure on the walls making cracks. When any cracks appear, correspondingly, it is easier for the water to penetrate into the home structure.

Hydrostatic Pressure and Flooding

This technical term means the same pressure caused by the excess water. The ‘hydrostatic pressure’ is a common source of any leaking problems because the water is collected by the soil around the house and it puts immense pressure on the walls of your foundation. Since these walls are made of concrete and it is a rather porous material, the microscopic cracks, holes, and crevices appear getting wider and deeper with time. They make comfortable passages for the water to get inside. Though water is not able to flow through the concrete as fast as through, for example, a napkin, it favors the additional hydrostatic pressure within the soil around the house. Alas! Too much hydrostatic pressure and seeping inside occurs as a result of it. Moreover, it can cause not only leaks in the basement but also more severe problems, such as foundation cracks and bowing. And it is always better to prevent the hydrostatic pressure or fix it somehow than to deal with the problems it has caused.

Cove Joint Seepage

Unfortunately, leaking occurs commonly on the cove joints. These joints are the points where the walls and floor get together. Because of the hydrostatic pressure, ground water arises seeping through these junctures. That can be a result of heavy rains when the excess water is collected under the floor of the basement, along the walls of the foundation, and around the house.

Leaking Sump Pump Pit

Usually, basement leaks in the houses of Toronto are caused by excess water accumulated in the soil around the foundation. Your sump pump basin should be large enough to capture all the water. If it is not, the water can flow into the building’s basement. When the sump pump is leaking, mold, humidity, and mildew can grow and they make a harsh problem preventing the basement from being kept dry and safe. The sump pump system should get repaired instantly if you detect its leaking.

Foundation Wall Crack

It’s not a secret that foundation wall cracks are often the main source of leaking. The problem is in the density of concrete, the porous material most foundations are made of. The cracks appear because of foundation shrinkage or settling when the concrete dries out. The result is leaky basements in the houses of Toronto. As a rule, these cracks are very thin (under 1/8” of width). They go diagonally or vertically stretching from the top to the bottom. The wall hurt by such a crack leaks. It may be covered with drywall or panels that make the situation still more complicated. In this case, address the issue to the Toronto Basement Waterproofing Contractors. Only experienced experts can find the location of this crack examining the wall from the outside. It is easier to do if the upper part of the foundation wall is situated above the level of the ground.

Basement Window Wells

The windows of the basement are usually located below the level of the ground. It happens that there is no drainage system in the house or it does not work properly. A window well is a space next to the window located outside.
It happens that during heavy rainfalls, water and dirt are accumulated in the window well. Since the basement windows are not waterproof, the frame and window sills allow that excess water to leak inside the basement.

Interior Drainage Systems

Very often, homeowners are recommended to get the drain tile installed from the interior. That can diminish the hydrostatic pressure which is the main cause of leaks from the cracks in the floor and cove joints. A perforated pipe can be of great help here. It is installed under the floor. We wrap it in a special filtration ‘sock’ made of fabric. Then, it is covered with gravel that helps redirect the water from the ground into the sump pump tank.

Repair Basement Leaks

To keep basements safe from leaking water, it is important to understand how the technology works. When you know how to do it yourself, that will become beneficial for your budget. Applying some effort and time to the process, you will be able to seal the porous surfaces in the basement located below and above the level of the ground. The purpose of the technology is creating the special coating resistant to water. When the lower layer of the house is constructed from masonry, such a technology is quite reliable to prevent the damage from unexpected leaking water or abrupt flooding. The effect is obvious – the leaks are stopped and the water flow is held back from the inner part of your house to always keep it safe and free from moisture.

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