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Finding a reliable plumber, drain cleaner or basement waterproofing contractor in your area should not have to be a chore.


Read on to learn more about what our Mississauga Plumbers can do for your home!
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Read on to learn more about what our Mississauga contructors can do for your home!

Hard Work

Read on to learn more about what our Mississauga basement waterproofing contructors can do for your home!

Drain Cleaning

We provides Drain Cleaning and Unglogging Services in Mississauga. Same Day Services for your home or bussiness.

Sewer Drain Services

A clogged or neglected sewer drain can be a huge, messy problem. If you are not aware of the warning signs of a problematic sewer drain, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with them so that you will be able to address the issue right away.

Emergency services

30 Minute Response Time

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing involves techniques and materials used to prevent water from penetrating the basement of a house or a building.

General Plumbing

You deserve a company that will value your time, treat you with respect, and provide the quality work that will keep your plumbing systems in prime condition. 

Basement Lowering Techniques: Underpinning or Benching

Get basement lowering (underpinning or benching) in Mississauga and surrounding areas. Let us help with all your basement underpinning needs.

We're here to help you get started in the right direction with your project.

It does not matter where and when the plumbing issue occurs. The Tornado Plumbing & Drains in Mississauga is always ready to come to help because we work round the clock. We can arrive immediately at your office or house to deal with any emergency and get your everyday routine to its normal course. We have enough expertise, experience, and equipment to cope with your issue quickly and efficiently. Just give a call to our customer service or you can also book our technician’s visit online.

Unblocking Drains

Blocked drains never come on time and usually cause panic and frustration. calm down. The size of your issue may not be so big as it appears to you. Only our local Tornado technicians can see the real configuration of things. They will quickly find the culprit of the problem and remove it quite efficiently.

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Unblocking Toilet

Have you come across the blocked toilet? It is a nasty problem, indeed. Though, you have arrived at tornado and it is exactly what you need at the moment. Be sure that our experienced and well-trained engineers and technicians will give you a hand and solve your issues in no time. The severity of the problem does not matter for us – we have all the necessary means to cope with it perfectly.

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Installation of New Drains

Have you decided to reinstall your drains? You need the professional assessment of your situation first of all. We offer the expert work without any fuss. The local engineers specializing at drainage installation will do everything with a good deal of dedication and professionalism.

Price on inspection

Repairing Drains

Your drains can cause a lot of problems if they are damaged or out of order, and it is no fun, of course. We work 24/7, and Tornado’s professional technicians are ready day and night to set your issues fixed properly.

Price on inspection

Cleaning Drains

Your drains can go out of order. You will know it for sure by bad smells, strange gurgling sounds, or slow water flushing. Have you come across any of these signs recently? It means you need to call us to the rescue. Tornado expert engineers and technicians are ready to sort your things out. Our high-pressure water jetting method is always used where it is needed, and you will get your drains clean and functional very soon.

Price on inspection

CCTV as a Perfect Method of Drain Survey

A professional drain survey with the help of CCTV is utilized when it is difficult to define the source of the blockage. You may need it badly if no other cleaning methods have helped. Local Tornado technicians are prepared to detect the problem and its cause with CCTV and complete all the repairs based on it effectively.

Emergency Services for Drain Issues

You may need an immediate response to your draining issue lest it should cause much damage to your property. Go ahead with involving our drain professionals ASAP. Our working schedule of 24/7 service will be of much help to you.

Price on inspection

Repairing Commercial Drains

Your business may stop if something happens to your drains. Tornado’s services are approachable round the clock, and we will not allow your office to completely get out of working order. We will get you back on your usual track of things pretty soon.

Price on inspection

Cleaning Commercial Drains

Your office drains have suddenly become very slow, too slow to let you relax and ignore the problem. Trust this issue to local Tornado specialists and be sure that your drains will become as speedy and smoothly flowing as before in no time.

Price on inspection

Installation of Commercial Drains

The brand-new know-how methods used by professional plumbing engineers at Tornado Plumbing & Drains help finish drain installation at your Mississauga business premises very quickly. The drains of any scale will be installed very professionally  and you will get the perfect and reliable drainage system lasting for years.

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Solutions for Tankers

Our specialists can help you maintain your tanker and repair it if you experience some drainage problems with it. 

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Mapping Drains

You may decide that the time for extending your dwelling has come. You need that all the processes go as smoothly as possible without causing damage to any of your drains. The local technicians from the Tornado Company can do the accurate mapping of all your drains so that you can continue all your further extension work.

Price on inspection

Managing Grease

Grease and fat flushed down into the drains can cause the extensive build-up that leads to clogging and backups. The drainage engineers from Tornado armed with the state-of-the-art equipment can help you manage grease efficiently to prevent clogging and your unpleasant experience as a result of it.

Price on inspection

Maintenance of Septic Tanks

It is a rule that a septic tank should be emptied and cleaned at least once a year. Plan your calling to Tornado for help if you feel thaaaat it’s high time to take care of your septic tank.

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Drain Repairs Without Digging

No one wants much digging in their property even if the drainage pipe has goon out of order. We can use a special relining technology (also known as a non-dig method) to repair your sewer or drain pipe quickly and without additional load of work and costs.

Price on inspection

Lining Drains

We can also use relining for installing new pipes when they need to be connected together. The method is applicable to the pipes with the diameter of from 100 mm to 1,500 mm.

Price on inspection

Cleaning Gutters

We can proudly inform you about one more service we can provide. It’s cleaning gutters. Tornado has recently acquired some brand-new powerful equipment that makes it easier to clean gutters at any height. We never use scaffolding or ladders for this work.

Price on inspection

Pre Purchase CCTV

Price on inspection

Eliminating Tree Roots

Cutting tree roots may turn out to be a rather complicated procedure. We can use traditional high-pressure water-jetting if the case is not too complicated. However, to ensure the complete system’s bore cleanness, some specific attachments and jetting heads are needed. We use flail jets as one more method of tree root cutting. They have chains at their rear part. The chains rotate and chop all the roots on their way. There are some other tools attached to the jet that spin round moved by water pressure. The cutting rigs can be used as well that also work with the help of water pressure. All these tools can be utilized for the pipes that are at least 150 mm in diameter. They are very efficient even for cutting tough and stubborn tree roots.

Price on inspection

Performing Excavation Work

We have a great crew of experts that are perfect at applying safe techniques for excavation jobs. All of them are certified for using excavators, performing underground work, and maintaining trench support. You can be sure that all the types of work done by our professionals are safe and will not cause much damage to your household.

Price on inspection

Crawler Units

Price on inspection

Emergency Work for Plumbing and Repairs

The team of Tornado Plumbing and Drains in mississauga is ready to help in case of emergency round the clock. This working schedule allows us to come to the immediate rescue if there is a bad leak or clogged toilet backup.

Prices from _per hour with VAT included

Detecting and Repairing Leaking Pipes

It is better not to know how much mess a leaking tap or pipe can cause in the household. Though, things happen sometimes. Our experts from the local office are experienced enough to detect the location of leakage as quickly as possible and repair it in no time.

Repairing Cylinders

Have you ever had problems with receiving hot water? The cylinders can go out of order occasionally so do not hesitate to address this problem to us. We know how to carry out even the most complicated tasks related to cylinder repairs. After our team’s work, you will forget that the problems with hot water could ever exist.

Price on enquiry

Repairing Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes can cause much damage in the household. We, at Tornado, know well how to repair any leaks professionally to help you avoid havoc and frustration. 

Price on enquiry

Installation of Water Softeners

Lime scale is often the main cause of clogged pipes. You receive big bills while your water appliances do not work properly at all. The only thing you can do to avoid this is very simple – you need to install a water softener. You cannot do it on your own. Our technicians have every kind of experience and expertise to help you and your water pipe lines will work longer and more efficiently again.

Price on enquiry

Installation and Repairs of Taps

The price of any tap repair or replacement is $000. It includes labor, VAT, and necessary details. We use our components for repairs on 97% occasions when it is First Time Fix. Sometimes, when we see that the tap cannot be repaired and it needs replacement, we can provide you with this appliance for additional fee. You may also want to upgrade your tap to a newer version. Just tell us about what kind of tap you would like to install, and we will give the price for it that depends on the quality of a new tap and its components. 

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Installation and Replacement of Cylinders

You may have a cylinder in your home that is still working properly but it is rather old and lacks many functions available in new appliances. Tornado can help you by providing a brand-new cylinder at an affordable price. We can install it at any time that is suitable for your working schedule. 

Price on inspection

Repairs and Maintenance of Water Supply Pipes

It may seem strange but very often, the pipe that brings water from the main to your household is your complete responsibility and, if something occurs to it, it is you who has to repair or replace it. Of course, you are not meant to do it on your own. It is our responsibility as well, and Tornado Plumbing & Drains in Mississauga is always ready to give you a hand, be it continuous maintenance or occasional repairs.

Price on inspection

Repairs and Maintenance of Toilets

We have the sufficient van stock to apply it to many toilet issues repairs. We use our components in 93% cases of the First Time Fix. Any incident that can lead to leaking, overflowing, or clogging problems with your toilet or cistern will be dealt with a great deal of expertise and professionalism.

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Maintenance and Installation of Cold Water Tanks

You cannot provide all the necessary services to your water tank on your own, of course. And, if you need to get it installed or replaced, you may feel lost. No worries. These jobs are quite familiar to our experienced experts. We can clean, serve, or reinstall a cold water tank anytime you need it to ensure its long-time work, efficiency, and reliability.

Price from ___

Fitting or Repairing Showers

If you have decided to install a new shower or get your old one repaired, do not search for a plumber any longer. Just arrive at Tornado and we can help you with all these kinds of work and more so that you can stay calm, fresh, and clean.

Price from ___

Repairs or Installation of Radiators

Tornado Plumbing technicians are true experts at repairing radiators. Even if you need to replace your old one or install a new model, we are always ready to complete your order to your fullest satisfaction.

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Installation of Surestops

We usually recommend installing a surestop on your tap.  It is the easiest way to turn off water very quickly if needed, just with one turn of a switch. Surestops ensure your safety when something happens to the water supply pipes. They are never affected by limescale so they can serve you for a long time. Tornado Plumbing technicians can install a surestop for you at any time, properly and accurately for its reliable and stable work.

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Installation of Unvented Systems

These installations should be trusted to well-trained specialists only because unvented systems have their unique specifications that you cannot deal with on your own. Tornado has well-qualified and fully-certified technicians to install these appliances for hot water in your household. You can feel calm and confident because our engineers have all the necessary skills and tools so that your system can work reliably and efficiently after the installation.

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Repairs of Soil Pipes

You are not alone when something happens to your soil pipe and you suffer from bad smells and nasty leaking in your household. Our well-trained technicians know well how to help you. They can also repair any issue that has occurred on the height, and the quality of their work will allow you to enjoy your home environment again.

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Replacement of Pumps

Do you need a new pump in your home? Is it old and inefficient enough to be replaced immediately? Call Tornado for such a replacement and you will never be upset with the results.

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Plumbing for Business

Tornado’s engineers and technicians are prominent experts in finding the best plumbing solutions for companies and their offices. We have well-trained and certified experts that can arrive at any time around the clock to implement all your plumbing ideas or just repair things if needed.

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Offering Energy Efficient Solutions

At Tornado Plumbing & Drains in Mississauga, we are proud of our eco-friendliness and energy efficient technologies to reduce the usage of water. We can advise you on how to become greener and save some money being beneficial to the environment at the same time. Our eco-friendly range of products will ensure sustainability and greenness we all need so much today.

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