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At Tornado Plumbing & Drains – our the best basement waterproofing contractors and award-winning Brampton plumbers have won numerous accolades for our exceptional customer service. 

When it comes to fixing a wet basement or even a leaky crawlspace, you need to be extremely choosy about the company you hire for the job. Hiring an unreliable company that promises you a big saving would hurt you in the long run. At Tornado Plumbing we bring in several years of experience to the table and cater to your plumbing and drainage problems in Brampton. We are the most trusted waterproofing company in the community. With more than a decade of experience in fixing wet crawlspace, foundation issues and leaky basements, we can fix it for you. We protect your home from all kinds of water damage and leave behind a dry basement that you can put to creative use.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We bring in years of experience and have added to our experience solving different kinds of problems
  • Being one of the largest waterproofing companies in the nation we have the best equipment at our disposal
  • Locally owned and operated Tornado Plumbing & Drains caters to your emergency needs 24 hours a day.
  • We offer free and no-obligation consultation to identify your problems and suggest permanent solutions.
  • As testimony to our reputation we offer 25-year warranty on our services.

When Should You Call Us?

  • Cracked Foundation. If you have noticed cracks on your floors or walls it’s time to call us. Whether it is hairline cracks or larger ones your property’s integrity is threatened.  You may have also started noticing dampness or moisture around the floors and walls of your property during heavy rains.
  • Mold/Mildew Build-up – Dampness leads to mold or mildew infestation on the walls. These can lead to several health complications such as allergies, breathing problems, sinuses and headache etc. These needs to be removed to prevent extensive damage to the property and preventing serious health complications.
  • Dry Rot – Moisture that comes through the walls and floors of the property can lead to dry rot. This is usually noticeable in in your baseboards, joists and wooden staircases. This can also lead to several health complications.
  • Water Seepage – Water seepage is a sign of extensive damage to the foundation of your property and this threatens the structural integrity of the property. If this is left unattended it can lead to bowing or buckling of the walls and floors, and even collapse. Mold, mildew, bugs and musty odor are often the first signs of this problem
  • Rust – Rusting of the furnace or other iron fixtures in your property is often one of the first signs of water damage. The water seepage and dampness need to be fixed immediately to prevent further damage.

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