How to clear a main line blockage?

The beginning of a drain blockage can be seemingly harmless. The water might start bubbling up in the sink and/or drain slower than normal. It may even back up into another sink or bathtub. And you might have to experience a small domestic drama with a plumber. Here is how plumbers tackle a clogged drain.

How Do You Know When Your Main Sewer Drain Is Clogged?

1.      When the water drains out of the pipes slower than usual and you are unable to remedy this with a plunger or chemical drain cleaner. You have made several attempts but all to no avail.

2.      The water goes up into the bathtub after you flush the toilet.

3.      Your sink or toilet fill up with water when you start using the washing machine.

The toilet drain pipe is larger than the other lines in the system. It also has the most direct route to the septic source. Therefore, as long as you have no problems flushing the toilet the blockage in the sink, bathtub or shower shouldn’t be hard to fix.

How To Clear A Main Line Blockage

1.     Shut the water off from the main supply.

2.      Then look around in your yard or basement and try to find the cleanout in the sewer pipe. It shouldn’t be hard to see. Usually it’s a short 4 -inch pipe diameter with a screw-on cap with a square nut or indentation on top. More than likely this pipe will be protruding from the ground somewhere outside the house between the foundation and the road. It also might be off the side of the house where the bathroom is. If you can’t locate it you should contact a plumber.

3.      Remove the cap with your hands. If it proves too hard use a wrench to loosen the cap and then take it off. You should do it slowly to prevent any backed up water from gushing out. Be ready to step aside if it does. You might want to wear waterproof boots and gloves.

4.      Your goal is to let the water out. By releasing the pressure in the sewage line you are letting the excess water drain out.

Main Line Pipe Still Clogged?

Once you reinstall the cleanout cap and test the drain and find it’s still draining slow call a plumber.

What do plumbers use to unclog drains?

Plumbers use different methods and a variety of tools to remove drain blockages. Some of the things they use are electric power augers (also known as plumbing snakes) and high pressure water jetters (plumbing jetters, jet-sets). They may even put an inspection camera down the pipe to examine the problem.

Drain cleaning and unclogging photo picture, Tornado Plmbing
Drain cleaning and unclogging
  1. Powerful motorized augers have long steel cables with a tip that has blades on the end and revolves very much like a drill does. They can clean out lines that are 50-150 feet long. The motor turns the blade equipped tip and feeds the cable into the drain. With a push of the switch the two-way feed will push the cable forward or pull it back. And the blades cut through the blockage. Plumbing snakes are sent down a drain into the plumbing system in your home closest to the blockage.
  • High-pressure water cleaning systems are used to break through grease, sand and even ice! However, they will not remove tree roots that get inside the drain line. This method is used when a blockage is too far down for an auger to reach. Plumbing jetters clean out water lines with powerful jets of water. They are able to reach as far down your pipes as four hundred feet.

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A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Plumbing Companies in Toronto

Plumbing is a well-known profession. There are some general problems with water lines that only a plumber can fix. Plumbing services are also necessary for construction and repair jobs. A contractor will install a new drain system, floor drain with primer, back water valve, new water line,it’s ideal for your house or commercial sanitary drain system. Drain system is unique for each and every project. It is very important to install sewer system correct and with accordance to the local building code from the first time, in order to avoid any drain problem in the future or damage from sewer back up, such as a flood in your basement or apartment!!. However, if you run into a problem such as a faucet leak, bathtub or toilet blockage you will need to contact emergency plumbing services in Toronto.

Any plumbing repair job starts out by removing the existing system. If the deinstallation is taking place in an old building there is a good chance of a water line bursting or thread stripping. Therefore, it is necessary to take precautions, otherwise it could lead to bad consequences such as flooding your own place or worse the neighbors’. Toronto means ‘a place where trees grow out of water’. And since plumbers work for the city and in this particular case a city ‘upon water’ there is a lot of work to do.



You need to start looking at some of the plumbing services near you and call them. In your conversation you need to ask them questions regarding their qualifications and expertise. A quality plumbing service will readily provide you with answers.


An expert plumbing company in Toronto should have a portfolio with pictures, videos and links to their previous projects. Although most contractors will post these materials on their web page you need to make sure that they are pictures of real project sites.


Low-cost plumbing services may end up costing you a fortune. It is tempting to save money by hiring someone cheaper but the risks need to be taken into consideration. A professional license is of vital importance! The majority of states require that repair and construction businesses are licensed. Licensing is done by local or state authorities from the Department of Consumption. A licensed business will always have insurance, which is of imminent value especially in jurisdictions where companies are liable.


Displaying reviews of their previous clients is a trademark of a good company. Read the reviews left by the clients of Plumbing Services in Toronto both on the contractor’s site and on independent sites. There is a clear advantage in hiring a plumber based on positive reviews as their services have already been tested by others.


Some companies will offer you free quotes whereas others will require a fee.


Some companies can also produce proof of their expertise and a warranty. It is important that a plumbing company stands behind their work and offers additional services free of charge should a problem arise. By choosing wisely you will be able to receive high-quality services at a reasonable price. This will save you not only time and money but a lot of headaches as well!

Looking for a Plumbing Service near you?

Contact a Tornado Plumbing! We provide the best services in Toronto. Our team consists of highly qualified contractors. Please consider our offer and give us a call (647) 784-8448.

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Pipe burst in Toronto Downtown

Burst pipes in the water system are the most common plumbing problems for property owners and being a serious source of potential damage to your property, they can become an extremely expensive disaster. If you own a home, a single burst pipe can become a beginning of an endless financial horror story, possibly leading to Pipe burst 2-mintens of thousands in water damages, creating ideal conditions for growth of toxic mold, and having a negative impact on your home’s value. For business owners, a burst pipe can lead to a flooding that can cause severe damage to sensitive electronic equipment and machinery, resulting in a major economic loss. A burst pipe repair is a serious job that requires urgent professional attention to minimize potential damage and prevent further costs and it should be performed by experienced licensed and certified plumbers.

Fixing pipe bursts is one of the 24/7 emergency plumbing services provided by Tornado Plumbing for residents of Toronto and GTA. We use the most recent plumbing technologies and high-quality materials to ensure that a burst pipe repair is done quickly and efficiently.

Pipe burst 1-minA business owner from Toronto Downtown contacted Tornado Plumbing team for emergency plumbing services and reported that a pipe burst in his office because of damage and he was afraid that the water could spread quickly across floors and down walls and cause serious damage to the neighboring offices as well.

We arrived at the office immediately and found the source of the issue. We identified the exact location of the damage. It was plastic piping and the crack was in between joints, that’s why we had to replace the damaged section. We used a hacksaw to remove the damaged part of the pipe and created joints to cross the two undamaged sections. We placed the new pipe section and fixed it with plastic pipe sealant. In this way, we fixed the burst pipe and got the plumbing system working again. Tornado Plumbing team got the job done quickly and properly and saved the customer both time and money.

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