Useful Tips for the Floor Drain Maintenance

The floor drains are often overlooked when they do not cause any trouble. Though, it is not correct.

floor drain - Useful Tips for the Floor Drain Maintenance

Floor drains are similar to those drains in the showers and bathtubs that are located on the surface and flush with it. Most floor drains, however, are located in garages and laundry rooms as well as in basement and bathroom floors. They can also be found on driveways and patios, in all the places where you need quick and effective water drainage.

Homeowners need to think about the maintenance of floor drains because, if ignored for some time, they can cause problems. These problems can be easily avoided when just some simple maintenance and pre-planning actions are applied. Your floor drains will cope with any water flow more efficiently if you follow a certain maintenance plan. That will prevent flooding and damage from any extensive water you may face.

Check the Traps Regularly by Filling Them with Water

As for the indoor floor drains, they prevent overflows from water heaters, washing machines, tubs, toilets, or sinks. The outdoor floor drains help capture the water from heavy rainstorms. The main function of the inner and outer floor drains is to direct the extensive water to a municipal drain or a sewer. They help to keep the floor dry and clean any time. The water traps also block the sewer gases and odors from penetrating into your home. You need to make sure that these traps are working properly by filling them with a gallon of water on a regular basis. Simply, pour this water down the floor drain. The water fills the trap in order to create a barrier between the sewer system and your home.

Clear the Clogs at Once

The different types of debris are always collected on the floor, including dust bunnies or pet hair. They can clog the floor drain in a while. Watch the signs of clogging such as slow draining. To reduce the risk of overflows and flooding, take the clog out as soon as possible. Such a small clog can be removed with a strong pump or a plunger. If the clog hasn’t been removed, pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the drain. You can also apply a drain auger. Put the cable into the drain until you feel the resistance and then, turn the cable round and try to take out the clog.

Regular Cleaning of the Drains Is Essential

You should check and clean the floor drains at least once a quarter. You can use a liquid drain cleaner if it is available or, if your drains haven’t been cleaned for a certain time, call a professional plumber for help. Your local Tornado Plumbing & Drains can assist you with this job. Scheduling the expert drain cleaning for one time a year is also a good idea. That can prevent clogs and provide the smooth running of your drains.

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DIY Drain Cleaning

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