At Tornado Plumbing & Drains, we do the sump pump installation every day! It means that we have tens of thousands protected basements in our portfolio all around Toronto and GTA as well as in the close vicinity.

Sump pumps can be of two different types – interior and exterior ones. Interior sump pumps help excess water flow away from your basement. In that way, they prevent basement flooding and are very important for the overall well-being of your home. An exterior sump pump is also known as a sump pump dry well. It is used in case the backyard is swampy and it diverts flooding water from it into the main drainage system. The main reason why you need to install this facility in your home is that a sump pump prevents potential flooding.

Types of sump pumps can range from small portable devices to large fixtures that are installed permanently. Nevertheless, all of them have one thing in common – they protect your house against flooding. In this way, they maintain the foundation and prevent damage caused by water. An exterior sump pump is very important in the areas with difficult weather conditions or high water tables. 

Sump pump with battery backup installation

A sump pump is a very simple tool, indeed. However, it is quite efficient as a powerful barrier between your basement and the excess water that tends to penetrate it due to unfavourable weather or technological issues. In fact, it is the most essential part of your home’s waterproofing system. It is very important to have a backup battery connected to the sump pump because the pump that works on electricity only may fail because of blackouts caused by some accidents.

If you are a homeowner, think about the backing-up battery in advance or you will risk facing a lot of damage to your home. There are a lot of disastrous accidents our customers in GTA speak about when they call us. Sometimes, our help is too late because their sump pumps failed because of the power outage and the basement was flooded. At Tornado Plumbing & Drains, we have been working for years offering the installation of battery-powered sump pumps for our customers in Toronto.

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Basement sump pump installation

Water that floods into your house can cause extensive damage. It will cost you a lot to repair it. That is why a sump pump is a valuable tool for your home’s protection. Tornado offers you high-quality sump pumps to protect your house. Installing one as soon as possible is a smart decision.

Sump pump installation Drain cleaning and unclogging photo picture
Sump pump installation

Water powered sump pump installation

We can also offer another kind of a backup sump pump – a water-powered one. Though a battery-powered pump is a great appliance and effective addition to your main sump pump when your house uses a well, a water-powered appliance can be a better solution. That’s because a well pump may not work properly when there is no power.

The battery may go out of order and you will have a problem. Such a type of a backup sump pump is the best option if your house is connected to a municipal water supply system. You may think that the intensive water consumption may cost you a lot. However, the price you will have to pay for it is much lower than that which you will pay in case of your basement‘s bad damage.

Water-powered sump pumps do not need batteries so you will be confident that they will work in any case of disaster. Such a sump pump is connected to the source of your water supply and you can even do it yourself.  Though, you need to be sure that you know how to do this DIY project because, if incorrectly connected, it may affect the overall water supply of your home.

Crawl space sump pump installation

Your crawl space is also rather vulnerable to excess water problems. You may have heard about them or experienced something like that before. To avoid them in the future, you are sure to need a sump pump. If you have decided to buy a house, find out everything about the possibility of flooding.

If a previous owner tells you about the flooding problems, think twice before making the final decision about the purchase.  One more powerful instrument that can force you to install a sump pump in your home is insurance coverage. It normally does not include the damage from flooding if the house is not protected enough.

There are options to protect your house against flooding apart from a sump pump:

  • Installing effective gutters or repairing the existing ones
  • installation of curtain drains outdoors
  • removing slopes of patios or walkways directed towards your home – the slopes should go the opposite way

Find out the information about different ways of protecting your home against flooding and choose the strategy that is the most appropriate one for your individual conditions. If you want a consultation about this matter, you can always call us and we will recommend you some potential variants. Together, we will find the best solution.

DIY Sump Pump Installation

You can install a sump pump on your own. Start with finding the place where the excess water collects. It should be the lowest spot in the basement. Check whether this spot is located not far from the electrical outlet. If you don’t have an outlet at this spot, you need the help of a certified electrician because installing an additional outlet cannot be done as a DIY project – it is rather dangerous.

Sump Pump Installation Costs

The cost of the sump pump installation may vary greatly depending on the scope and size of the procedure. As a rule, sump pump installation costs range between around $000 and $0,000. You can opt for the best option for your home and budget.

The cost of installation can depend very much on the local conditions. For example, if workers need to install pipes throughout the floor made of concrete or cement, the digging can take a lot of time and effort. So, the cost of this labor will be higher. Sometimes, there is a need for some infrastructure modifications so you will pay more for that work.

How Long Does a Sump Pump Last?

A sump pump needs replacement sometimes. The lifespan of the pump depends on its type. For instance, a submersible pump can last for approximately 10 years while a pedestal type will serve you for 25-30 years. The latter will need more maintenance but, since they don’t require frequent replacement, you can save some costs.

Hire a Professional Who Installs Sump Pumps

A lot of homeowners believe that they can manage the sump pump installation on their own. However, it is always better to hire an experienced professional to avoid certain mistakes and ensure smooth work.

  • A well-qualified technician can assess the situation and offer the solution which is the most appropriate one for this case and conditions. Even the right choice of a sump pump can depend on the qualifications of a plumber. The choice of hardware and the best location of the appliance is also very important. So trust your sump pump installation to professionals.
  • There may also be some obstacles to the sump pump installation that you haven’t considered before. If, for example, there is a need in running the PVC discharge piping through the brick walls, the professional technicians have all the tools for that but you do not have them at home. You need to be sure that you have all the equipment at hand before you start the installation process. Without it, the system will not work properly and you will have to call a technician anyway and pay more if something goes wrong because of your improper DIY installation.
  • Saving time and effort is also a good motivating factor for calling an expert. You will be making numerous trips to the local hardware store. However, there is no guarantee that you will pick out the right items and parts and there is always the risk that it will not not work as it is intended.
  • A reputable sump pump installation specialist will provide you with a free consultation first. So, you will be informed how much you will have to pay for the project, compare prices of different companies, and make the decision that is the most suitable for you. A technician may also offer you some discounts on the appliance from the contractor so you will have a chance to save some money on the equipment.
  • You can always find a local expert in your neighborhood who is ready to help you! Schedule an appointment with the representatives of your nearby basement waterproofing company by phone or email and we will provide you with a free sump pump installation estimate immediately to help you make the best decision!

Such a free estimate involves an expert inspection on the site, all the measurements and the cost customization according to your needs. You will also get a complimentary full-color book about basement waterproofing. Make your basement a dry and livable space. Start today and soon you will see the perfect results!