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Foundation cracks repair in Toronto, ON

If you have noticed some cracks in the foundation or strange discolored spots on it, address these issues to true experts. Tornado Plumbing & Drains have years of experience in foundation crack repairs. They do this work efficiently either for residential or commercial purposes. A well-maintained and strong foundation is a basic requirement for your home health. That is why consider applying to our company. Our contractors will provide you with licensed and insured technologies that leave you with the guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

When might you need Toronto’s Foundation Experts?

There are certain signs that indicate a serious damage of your foundation. You are sure to need some foundation repair if you see cracks in bricks and concrete, diagonal wall cracks, uneven  floors and hard-to-open windows. You can also notice gaps over kitchen cabinets. The worst problem is cracks, and they may appear anywhere – in the brickwork outside, around your doors and windows, on the walls, and in other places.

You may be challenged to find the cracks if the foundation is made of poured concrete, expecially, if your basement is finished.

Identifying Problems with Your Foundation

  • Foundation Wall Cracks
  • Floor Cracks
  • Bowing Foundation Walls
  • Collapsing Retaining Walls
  • Cracks on the outside of your foundation
  • Interior cracks in the sheetrock and drywall 
  • Water stains by the baseboards or up by the ceiling
  • Horizontal or stair-step cracking along the foundation walls
  • Diagonal cracking at corners of poured concrete foundation walls

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Professional foundation cracks repair in Toronto We Provide:

Foundation crack injections

The causes of the crack appearance in the poured concrete include its expanding or contracting, settlement, or making any changes in it. In this case, crack injections are applied. The technology of repair foundation crack with the help of epoxy injections is mostly used for some structural purposes. There is another type of injections based on using hydrophilic or hydrophobic polyurethane. It is applied for sealing cracks and preventing moisture penetration.

Repairing vertical or diagonal cracks

Vertical or diagonal cracks, if they are not too large, can be repaired with epoxy injections to prevent water seepage. However, if the crack is too large and you can easily insert a 10-cent coin in it, the problem is structural and you will need some more investment of time and costs into it.

Stabilizes cracking and bowed foundation walls 

Concrete is a very strong material. It can withstand the high downward pressure. Though, concrete is not so stable while dealing with tension. Sideway soil movements and pressure can lead to bowing and cracking issues because concrete cannot bend or stretch. It is recommended to use CarbonArmor® fabric for withstanding tension. It is a special epoxy used for structural repairs and usually installed next to the foundation wall. Such treatment is used for reinforcing. Your bowed or cracked foundation will be able to resist the soil pressure now and the further damage will be avoided.

Choose other Foundation Cracks Repair Services. See more…

There are a variety of foundation repair systems available in Toronto to repair and stabilize a damaged foundation. We will review your specific situation and recommend a solution that will be best suited to your homes’ specific needs. Are you still looking for the best foundation crack repair company in Toronto and surrounding areas? Your search is finally over because Tornado Plumbing & Drain is here to save the day.

Foundation Crack Repair Cost

The cost of the repair usually depends on the amount of work to be done. If you need to seal just one or two cracks, the price is between $000 and $000. The jobs that need more considerable amount of efforts, such as structural repair or extensive crack fixing, may cost up to several thousand dollars. See more… 


Why choose Tornado Plumbing & Drains in Toronto?

Many different foundation repair systems are applied in Toronto nowadays. They are meant to fix the damage in the foundation. We consider your situation and pick out a solution that will be the best for your home needs.

If you are searching for the best basement crack repair company located in Toronto and the neighboring area, you are over with your investigation at last. Tornado Plumbing & Drains is the company for saving your day.

  • Our services are truly individual because there are no similar foundation cracks. The qualified experts from Lighthouse Inspections will be searching for every crack of the foundation wall separately to identify the most troublesome ones. If you are a homeowner or even a homebuyer, you would not like to be astonished with the unexpected repair that is unplanned and rather costly. The pricing from our company is quite competitive, and your property will get the transferable lifetime warranty after the work has been completed.
  • Only the most experience experts dealing with construction of foundations are employed by us. It means that they are highly qualified, hard-working, respectful, and considerate.
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation are guaranteed.
  • Tornado Plumbing & Drains Solutions will answer all the questions about the warranty given for basement waterproofing. We are happy when our customers get all the information they need before making a contract with us.

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Building renovator: T85-4728632
Plumbing contractor: T94-4992639
Plumbing license: F16216638
Drain contractor: T87-4722944
Master plumber: T95-4969603