Clogged Drain Unclogging and Cleaning

Drain cleaning and drain repair is what we do!

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Clogged drain and/or toilet may be temporarily resolved by DIY solutions like vinegar and plunger, though it does not remove the source of the problem. Moreover, many of the drain cleaners you can buy in a store can be harmful for your drains and does not fix slow drain problem in the long run. To make sure your sewer is clean and will last longer than couple weeks, you have to call professionals from Tornado Plumbing for sewer and drain cleaning in Toronto and GTA. We work across Toronto and GTA and can unclog and sewer or drain in no time!

Prevention of Blocked Drain

Usually clogged drain is a sign of a bigger issue. It may be a hard buildup consisting of grease, soap scum and other elements that resulted in a blockage, this is particularly common for kitchen sinks and shower sinks. Same may happen to any other drain in your house, like tub or shower. Oftentimes the issue may be caused by damaged sewer that is made of clay pipes, which could also lead to a sewage back up. This will cause damage to your floor or walls.

Tornado plumbing experts will diagnose your drain using camera inspection and find exact location of the issue. This way drain repair process will be fasted and after it is finished, we will flush out all waste. After we clean the drains, we will adjust the pressure in pipes and test the drainage. If it is still slow or clogged, we will repeat the process to fix any issues down the line until your drain works perfectly well.

Pipe Rejuvenation

We remove all dirt from your pipes with pipe rejuvenation process to make sure your system runs smoothly. In the next couple years it will not get clogged. Tornado Plumbing is BBB certified company, so we guarantee fast, safe and efficient solution for your problem. Our average rating of satisfaction on HomeStars is 98% and 100% on Google. So it is clear that all of our customers are happy with the work we do. Read our reviews and you will be impressed! For many years of working in Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke and the rest of GTA we know all types of drainage systems in the area an how to fix them. Drain cleaning becomes extremely easy with Tornado Plumbing!