Foundation Crack Repair Methods Explained by Experts

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A crack in your home’s foundation can represent great harm to the building. The good part is that each type of crack signifies a different kind of problem and it tells you what caused it and what kind of foundation crack repair you need to do. So, let’s see how many types of foundation fissures are there and how can each be mended.

Foundation Crack Repair Instructions for Each Type of Damage

There are three main types of foundation: horizontal, vertical and diagonal. However, sometimes, it is difficult to be 100% sure of the fissure’s nature from the beginning, therefore you should observe them and see if they increase their size. Experts from Mississauga and Etobicoke always say that tracking the cracks will also help them to conclude how they were developed and plan the best foundation repair method.

Horizontal Cracks

Horizontal cracks are the most severe type. They can represent serious damage to the foundation and structural integrity of your home. They can be caused by hydrostatic pressure that can make your basement walls to bend but also by including soil pressure.

This type of cracks should be repaired immediately and will involve strengthening your foundation but also a basement leak repair.

Vertical Cracks

These are the most common type of cracks that require the least foundation repair cost. They are the outcome of a foundation settling and can appear even on new houses.

They can be solved with some urethane or epoxy substance injected right into the crack.

Diagonal Cracks

The last type is also a very common crack. It forms a 30-75 degree angle diagonal crack and can be seen on both the foundation and basement walls. The reason for this crack can be the position of the home’s foundation. If a part settles deeper than the rest, you will most likely see this kind of crack.

The solution, in this case, stands in the installation of new gutters making.

Last but not least, acknowledging the cracks from your foundation can save your house. So, take a good look at them and determine in which category they fit. Also, if you are from Mississauga or Etobicoke, contact us and we will offer you a foundation crack repair solution.