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Drain installation is service that should only trust to licensed professionals, such as Tornado Plumbing! Our plumbers are trained to do the job fast, with adherence to all plumbing codes, so that you and your family could rely on high quality of the work for years. Pipes will be working perfectly and your water will be clean. Similar approach we take with drain repair or replacement of clay pipes.

Some houses have old drain systems with clay pipes. These clay pipes usually have problems such as roots getting inside of the pipe and blocking or reducing the flow. Also, it’s common for clay pipes to have leaks, which creates a lot of issues when the pipe is inside of the house or under its concrete. Thus, many of our client choose drain replacement. This procedure is not trivial and should be done licensed plumbers. Here at Tornado Plumbing we know how to remove your clay pipes and do PVC drain installation. We have a drain contractors and plumbing license. Finally, our experienced team will install roughing drains with for new drain system.

Drain repair

Sometimes, repairing drain is a better option. In case you only need to fix a short interval of your pipe system, in those scenarios you could save money and not do full drain replacement. Drain repair is easy when you know what to do and Tornado Plumbing licensed plumbers know how to fix your drain. All they need is to identify the element of the pipe that needs to be fixed, cut it out safely and insert a new piece that has no damage. Call Tornado Plumbing today to book a free estimate!

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