Reasons why you Should Hire Concrete Floor Installers

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Unlike any other floor decorations such as carpets, a concrete floor for homes cannot be installed in only a few hours. However, the results are worth your time because the concrete floor will look very good after a long period of time.

But before talking about the reasons why you should contact and hire some concrete floor installers, I want to make sure that you know what a decorative concrete floor is.

What are decorative concrete floors and how can you install them

Decorative concrete floors are floors that use concrete not only as a practical tool for building but also as an artistic enhancement to a house.

Making this kind of floor to look perfect takes a lot of skills and time. So, here are the steps for a successful concrete floor installation:

1. Excavating

Before anything else, the concrete floor installers need to be sure that the surface is proper and prepared for the modifications. They have to test if the substrate is right and only then to start the actual excavation.

So, for example, if you want to make a garage floor repair, you need to prepare yourself for some serious digging.

2. Pouring

This step involves the careful pouring of concrete in and leveling it with a float. This process can take up to 3 days.

3. Polishing

After the concrete is poured, you need to polish it. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about concrete floor repair or installing a new one, this process is essential. It is mostly done using a planetary grinder.

4. Sealing

Your floor is ready for the sealer application. This is a very crucial step because one small mistake and you need to retake all the steps’ process.

5. Drying

This is the final step and it takes approximately 30 minutes to dry.

Why you should hire a team of concrete floor installers

  1. Economical Reasons. Many buildings already have concrete poured, so you don’t need to invest very much.
  2. It is resistant. It is hard and it cannot be damaged easily.
  3. Low Maintenance. You don’t need to do very much to keep it clean.
  4. Plenty Decorative Options. You can pick pigments or stencil patterns to create unique designs.
  5. Supports Radiant Heat. When installing it you can also upgrade your heating system to a radiant heat one.
  6. Durable. You don’t need to change it if don’t want to. It lasts forever.

As you can see, there are enough reasons to consider a concrete floor installation. So if you are from Etobicoke or Mississauga you can contact Tornado Plumbing and we will be more than happy to provide any extra information you might need.