Repair Basement Leaks in Toronto and GTA

You need to know that there are different methods to repair basement leaks. They are based on different approaches to waterproofing. That is why it is better to do some research in advance to make the appropriate solution and choose the most suitable option that will last you for a long time. 

To start with, be very careful about a basement leak because it should never be underestimated. Remember that any leak can cause big problems in your basement. 

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Repair basement leaks
Repair basement leaks

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Water Leaking From Wall

A leak that has just appeared in your home’s wall may be initially minor and quite slow. Even if it does not have any external signs to attract your attention, you can see some of them if you look at the problem more thoroughly. That is why you need to know how to see the leaks in the walls as soon as they have just emerged. By doing that, you will be able to minimize the future damage that can be caused. 

If you just suspect the presence of an undetected water leak in the wall, you will be worried. You cannot know for sure how big the issue is and assess all the damage that can be done by it. You need to find the source first and do your best to repair it. Anyway, you should not panic. Probably, you can do something about it without extended repairs and effort-consuming maintenance. Remember that the spot at which you see the moisture, may not be the exact place where the leakage has happened. That is why it is necessary to do some thorough research.

Potential Sources: Interior Plumbing, Exterior Above Grade Issues, Exterior Below Grade Issues

Water Seepage In Basement 

One of the most widely encountered problems in the basement is water seepage. It can lead to many other severe issues that may badly affect the foundation, help mold breeding, and lead to a lot of unpredicted expenses. Here, we will discuss the main causes of excess water in your house and around it.

basement leak repairs
basement leak repairs


How to Find the Source of a Water Leak in Your Basement?

The most suspected culprit of water penetration into the basement is window wells. That is why windows should be installed and sealed properly to avoid cracks. A window well should have reliable drainage and it is important to check whether it is not clogged and free from debris. If the problem is like that, excess water will collect in the well. Even if the window itself is installed properly, if the water does not have a way to flow freely, it will accumulate and seep somewhere around the window.

There is one more cause of basement leaks or water seepage which is not so obvious. It is the soil around your house. Heavy rainfalls lead to complete soil saturation which may cause its expansion. The expanded soil can be dangerous to the foundation because it is full of excess water that will leak into the basement under the heavy pressure. The pressure will also become the cause of cracks in the walls and water will leak through them into the basement.

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Basement Water Leaking Through Wall

If you have noticed that water is seeping via the basement wall in the place where it meets the floor, think about the possible causes of it.

Hydrostatic Pressure

When the water after the rainstorm does not have any other way to flow from the foundation walls, hydrostatic pressure appears. It pushes water towards the foundation and it causes cracks in the walls. The cracks start leaking over time and the water now flows into the basement through them.

Wall Cracks

Hydrostatic pressure can also damage the structure of the foundation walls. When saturated soil is constantly pushed against the walls, they start to tilt or bow. Damaged like that, walls become still more vulnerable to cracks, and excess water now has a lot of ways into the basement.

Soil Settlement

When the home’s basement walls are constructed, the backfill soil is used for filling the empty spaces around the basement walls. If applied incorrectly and loosely, this filling can settle over time. When this happens, the water can flow towards the foundation walls instead of running in the opposite direction, and hydrostatic pressure increases. Moreover, when the gutters are installed improperly and face the house, they can also add much to the formation of hydrostatic pressure.

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Can you clearly observe water seeping through basement walls or water coming in basement where walls meet floor? Very often, nor’easter storms may cause wetness in the basements. Such storms usually occur between October and March, or they may even be encountered at any other time of a year. They bring with them heavy rainfalls, snowstorms, hurricanes, and flooding. All these unfavorable weather conditions add a lot to hydrostatic pressure increasing the risk of getting wet basements at the end.

basement leaks repair
basement leaks repair


Is water leaking into the basement after heavy rain? These heavy rains are usually brought by hurricanes and they cause flooding. The latter is a rather severe cause of excess hydrostatic pressure that affects the foundation.

If you don’t know how to stop water from seeping through basement walls, contact us.


Foundation water leak

If you have detected a water leak in the foundation of the house, start with checking your home appliances.

You will also need to:

  • have a look whether your carpets or floors are not damp;
  • smell the air to know whether there is mold;
  • check the pressure of water;
  • check if your water heater works properly;
  • check whether there are warm spots anywhere around the floor;
  • look for the cracks in the foundation (vertical and horizontal foundation cracks, hairline crack in foundation);
  • try to search for efflorescence;
  • be aware of the perimeter leaks;
  • examine the state of your windows.

The water leaks under foundation or leaking foundation walls can sometimes be inevitable. They may result from the damaged pipes located under the main slab. They are the main cause of excess water entering your house. The cause may also be the quality of water in your house. If the water is hard, the minerals can accumulate in the pipes while water is running through them. They may cause cracks and leakage, too.

Contact one of our basement waterproofing companies to repair a water leak under a concrete slab in your home.

basement water leak repair
basement water leak repair


Water Leaking Through Concrete Floor

Concrete slabs are used most often for the foundations of houses in Toronto and GTA. The concrete floor is very hard and you cannot believe that water can ever penetrate it. Nevertheless, keep in mind the fact that concrete is a porous material and it can accumulate water inside. Of course, concrete is not like a sponge that simply soaks up moisture. However, when the water is excess, it allows for its seeping through. Concrete can also form cracks easily and the cracks allow water to seep inside while it is leaking across the slab.

You may have already noticed that some water is penetrating via the floor. So, now you need to understand why this happens. And it is still better if you can detect the source of this leakage.

Among the most common causes of this unpleasant thing, we can mention:

  • the presence of a damaged or broken pipe under the foundation slab;
  • the rain runoff is not managed and maintained properly to block the groundwater;
  • the water table is constantly rising.

If you have detecte the excess water leaking through the concrete floor, call us immediately.

Repair Basement Leaks: Negative-Side Waterproofing

This method of waterproofing basements consists of utilizing the hydraulic cement and further painting over the coating. So, the cement coating can reliably seal the crack and prevent the water from leaking inside.

However, this method cannot ensure the long-lasting results, and over time, the costs for further repairs may increase, no matter how cheap it may initially look. The problem of this approach is that it cannot do anything about hydrostatic pressure. The waterproofing in this way may be done quite correctly and professionally but the water is sure to find another way inside because owing to this pressure new cracks will form in the walls and floors, and you will have to deal with costly repairs again.

Repair leaking basement from inside: Exterior Waterproofing

This method is more reliable. However, many homeowners do not consider it because heavy excavation works are needed  to install the waterproofing system from the outside. The soil should be removed completely around the foundation with deep digging up to the footing. The footing drain is essential here and only professional plumbers can install it properly. This appliance needs to be installed next to the foundation with the consideration of all the conditions.

As you can predict, this method is rather messy. Moreover, it can damage the foundation wall if done improperly. And it is very expensive, too. Nobody can guarantee that this solution will be permanent because the footing drains can be clogged easily and to clean them, re-excavation should be applied.

Repair Basement Leaks: Interior Footing Drains

They say that the installation of interior draining can help a lot. Though, this interior system can also be prone to clogging almost the same way as the exterior waterproofing system. The installation process is also rather complicated here. The hole should be made around the perimeter of the floor in the basement. Then, the bed made of soil and rock is settled, and the drain is installed on it. The new concrete coating is also needed but now it is installed with the gap between the wall and floor to leave the excess water some way for flowing down into the drainage system.

This gap may seem a good solution but it is not. The problem is that alongside water, the debris of different origin flows into it as well. Moreover, the soil which makes the bed for the drain can also flow into the pipe together with water and clog it. That is why the question arises here – what to do with the drain which is clogged badly if it is installed under the thick layer of concrete?

Leaking basement wall repair

The range of waterproofing works we provide is very wide – it includes waterproofing of walls and other basement’s surfaces from inside and outside, as well as wall leakage repair services. You can order our services to block any seepage of excess moisture into your property and protect it reliably from damage. That will help to minimize the risks caused by leakage which appear because of the structural faults and provide the sustained control for this undesirable intrusion.

The matter is that continuous water penetration through the walls and floors can evoke severe structural damage which will result in costly repairs if ignored at present. That is why we strongly recommend you to conduct the regular inspections of your house to examine the vulnerable spots that can be affected badly in our weather conditions. This is vitally important if your house has a balcony because the water seepage caused by the location and characteristics of this balcony can threaten the integrity of the foundation in the worst way you can ever imagine.

Concrete Wall Leak Repair

Our experienced engineers are ready to do a thorough research and on-site survey to detect all the concealed problems that may relate to water seepage. We will consider the best solutions that can be applicable to your house and its conditions and serve you well for a long time for protection of your property from the unpleasant consequences of water intrusion.  We will make our assessment for free, no matter whether you will opt for the interior or exterior waterproofing. Or you may need some other concrete wall leak repair works and maintenance services. The main aim of our inspection is always targeting the weaknesses of the house’s structure which can allow for the water penetration and find the most effective method to protect your house against future leakage and seepage problems in the basement.

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