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A lot of homeowners believe that they are ready to deal with any work needed for servicing and maintaining their house. However, such a plumbing issue as a basement that leaks are disregarded. Such leaks are commonly ignored. Though, when left on their own, these leaks can cause drastic consequences damaging the house badly. Perhaps, the problem is that basements are usually not living spaces but just storage rooms. Though, even the rooms that are not meant for living should be maintained regularly. Examining the walls for the slightest signs of mildew is essential.


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Water in basement: who to call

If you can see that you cannot do without a plumbing service for leaky basement repairs, contact Tornado Plumbing & Drains.


How to See That Your Basement Is Leaking? 

It is not always necessary to see huge pools of standing water in your leaky basement, even if you suspect some leaking. The signs can be minor and they do not attract your attention. However, they can lead to much bigger problems if not considered seriously. The strong recommendation is to do something about the issue even if it does not seem too serious. So, let us have a look at the possible signals of leaking in your basement that deserve your attention:


  • Small spots or stains on the surfaces in the basement caused by excess water..
  • Water seeping through basement floor cracks
  • Water leaking between wall and foundation
  • The appearance of mildew or mold in some spots. They may inform about the excess moisture not only on the walls or floor but even in the air. Remember that mildew appears only when the area is damp and badly aired.
  • If you see the mold, it’s a serious ground for more thorough attention because it can be a sign of a severe leaking problem that needs to be repaired instantly.
  • If you feel the musty smell in the area, be aware that the air in the basement is stuffy and of very poor quality.
  • You may also see the signs of efflorescence caused by mineral deposits sitting on the walls because the evaporation is extensive inside the space.
  • The worst damage signs are cracks in the concrete of the foundation walls.


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What Causes Leaky Basements and When You Need Leaky Basement Repair?

Water is a bad enemy of any basement because it leads to many issues encountered in these spaces that can end up with more severe problems. You may wonder where the water in your basement comes from. Let’s discuss the most common sources of leaking in these enclosed spaces.


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Seeing water leaking into the basement after heavy rain as well as water coming into the basement where walls meet the floor means leaking foundation in the basement. 

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Older houses can accumulate the rainfall water around their foundations. However, the installation of the appropriate drainage system is also necessary in new buildings because they need a reliable mechanism to redirect the excess water from the foundation. Sloping can be applied to the ground around the foundation that can divert the flooding water from the house. You also need to think about continuous clearing out of gutters and checking downspouts. You must be sure that they work properly to drive the water far away from your house.

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Here are the most widely encountered causes of leakage in the basement:


  • Appearance of cracks around the door or window frames or even in them.
  • Plumbing systems and pipes that are leaking.
  • The sump pump that does not work efficiently or just fails to perform.


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If you do not know How to repair a leaky basement or How To Fix A Leaky Basement Wall, get in touch with Tornado

The Tornado Company is a professional plumbing team that has been working for years to help the local residents deal with basement leak repair since 2014. We are well-known as the biggest and most experienced waterproofing contractor among many others in Canada. Our work is highly appreciated for the best quality and most long-lasting results among those provided by any company of such kind on the market.


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Basement leak repair cost (average Basement Waterproofing Project costs)


  • Foundation Crack Repair: for the cracks that measure as 5 ft deep and 4 ft wide, it is $1,600-$3,200 per one crack.
  • Interior Waterproofing and repair leaking basement from inside: one linear foot costs $80-$240.
  • Exterior Waterproofing: one linear foot may be valued as $100-$350.


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Basement leak repair near me

The lowest point in your house is your basement. Because it is located at a lower level than the ground surface, it can be quite vulnerable to flooding. The space needs to hold a great weight on it and, correspondingly, high hydraulic pressure, especially when it rains heavily in autumn. If you detect any problem with it at its beginning stages, the method that can be used for fixing it will be simpler and more less expensive. Remember that the good condition and integrity of the basement is important for the entire condition and overall value of your house. Never ignore any leaking problem that may occur in this space and try to take measures as soon as you have noticed any slightest signs of possible disorder. You may need some professional inspection for your basement (leak in the basement) to start with and get rid of the problem at its earliest stages. That will help much in avoiding bad plumbing issues in the future. Having an efficient leaky basement repair near me company at your service will solve these issues and their careful professional inspection is the first step on the road to your complete peace of mind.


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