Many people throughout Toronto and GTA are interested nowadays in lead pipe replacement since they want to renovate their water main pipe system to get cleaner water and a more effective supply of it. At this time, no incoming water pipes are made of lead. Though, in the houses that had been built before the 1970s, this material was widely used for the pipes. To know for sure that your water supply system is made of lead, you need to order a thorough site survey. The Tornado Plumbing & Drains Company can do it for free. As well, we can make up a free quote for all the processes to help you decide whether the replacement costs are affordable for your budget. No damage to your property is caused by the process of pipe replacement, and the largest part of work will be finished the same day. The well-qualified and widely-approved engineers and technicians can provide you with the highest quality of repairs.

Suppose you have come across poor water pressure in your old lead pipe or your Toronto property constantly suffers from numerous leaks. The only way out is to replace your pipe or update it, especially, if you are planning the overall property renovations. Tornado Plumbing & Drains is an effective plumbing company that can complete all the processes within approximately one day. The special trenchless technology called moling which is used by our experienced technicians can dispose your property of any dramatic disruption. We will take care of the entire procedure starting from your application to the finish of all types of work.

Toronto Lead Pipe Replacement Process


We do not use such extended excavations as our closest competitors do, so you will be sure that the entire processes cannot cause much disruption and damage to your home. Your lead pipes can be replaced at the depth of excavations under 1.5ft x 2 ft. That is possible because of the moling technology. Our ‘small moles’, of course, will keep your property preserved and in good condition.

Trenchless Moling

Traditional trench-digging methods are not safe for your property and environment. The method we use allows for time and money saving and the surrounding site preservation. Trenchless moling is always used by us when there is a need to replace the old lead mains by installing new pipes.


The diameter of the pipes that are normally installed by Tornado Plumbing & Drains most often depends on the size of the house and its pipework. It can start from 25 mm. Every day, we install meters and meters of water supply pipes in both commercial and residential types of houses. So, you can be completely sure that we are aware of all possible difficulties and issues which may be encountered in your area.

Peace of Mind

We use water regulations 2014 for our work trying to follow them as thoroughly as possible. Our experienced technicians will provide you with the best quality of work and you will be given the certificate of completion to ensure the guarantee of long-term performance. Even if you feel that something is wrong with the newly installed pipes, you can always refer the problem to our experts by calling them immediately after observing the problem. It will be still simpler to resolve any issue with this certificate for your full peace of mind and satisfaction.

How to Tell If Your Home Needs Drain Cleaning

Toronto Lead Pipe Replacement Scheme

When a water pipe is made of lead, it may be harmful to your health. No wonder that you would like to replace such a pipe for something made of safer and more modern material. For this purpose, the lead replacement scheme has been developed. It works well for pipe replacement in your home to eliminate the hazardous effects from your old pipes. Owing to this scheme, most homeowners have already replaced the inner pipes in the house. However, there are also external pipes that contain lead and make your drinking water potentially dangerous. Do not forget about such pipes and try to replace them as well.

The Tornado Plumbing & Drains Company can help you replace the external water supply pipe made of lead starting from the inside. There is always a top tap that can block the water coming from the outside. We can install the new pipe leading up to your garden boundary this way. The main pipe made of lead and connecting your water supply system to the road next to your boundary should be replaced by your local authority that is in charge of water supply. They usually do it free of charge when you explain the situation to them.


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Is It Time for a Pipe Replacement? Common Signs to Look Out For

  1. Crack in a plumbing pipe
  2. Leaks
  3.  Corrosion
  4. Discolored Yellow or Brown Water
  5. Decreased Water Pressure
  6. Dangerous Materials
  7. Old Age

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