Homes that were built before 1960s, often have water supply pipes made of lead which can leach lead into your drinking water. Currently, lead pipes are not used because of health reasons and medical experts think that even tiny traces of lead in your water can be dangerous, especially for little children and pregnant women. If your supply pipe is made of lead, it is advisable that you should consider replacing it with copper or plastic pipes.

Tornado Plumbing offers water services to all resident of Toronto and GTA. We use the latest cost-effective trenchless technology and can quickly perform a replacement of your lead waterline or upgrade your existing water service, without causing damage to your property.

Pipe burst 3-minRecently, Tornado Plumbing team was engaged in a lead pipe replacement project in Etobicoke. A homeowner contacted Tornado Plumbing, a Toronto licensed contractor, to get a quote to replace his old waterline. His house was built in the mid-1950s and so he still had the original lead water supply pipe leading into his house. The water pressure was terrible and he decided to get the lead piping leading into the house replaced and upgrade it with modern materials.

Tornado Plumbing crew used a no-dig installation method in which a torpedo was launched underground with the new line. The trenchless method is very good option for homeowners because it is more cost-effective and reduces unnecessary damage and disruption to landscaping and vegetation. The job was done in a shorter amount of time than we originally anticipated and no clean up on the homeowner’s part was necessary.

The homeowner was happy with our service because our crew completed the job in hours and the result was a significantly increased water pressure and the enhanced value of his home.