Interior basement waterproofing Toronto is considered one of the best methods to provide water redirection away from a leaky basement.

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When you choose to protect your house from water leakages, you are sure to opt for the exterior method. It is considered to be the most effective and reliable one. However, sometimes it cannot be applied when your home is located too close to the neighboring one and no excavation is possible in this case.

You can make a choice between exterior and interior waterproofing, of course when you are seeking the ways to repair your wet basement in Toronto, ON and the nearby areas.Many homeowners here believe that it is quite effective and causes less damage to the property when applied.

Interior Basement Waterproofing Toronto

It is obvious too that exterior waterproofing is much costlier. Excavation works require a larger area as well as disassembling of all the patios and decks. On the other hand, when you opt for waterproofing the basement from the inside, all these hardships are avoided. You will just have a small area of the slab attached to the damaged wall removed to install the drainage system beneath it. The drains are meant to redirect the water that can collect under the slab outside, away from the foundation. The trench is not too wide and it should be sealed  with the concrete coating to be sure that the basement will stay dry even under the worst weather conditions and the excess water will never cause any serious damage to it.

The combination of different methods with the interior basement waterproofing in Toronto provides still better results

These methods involve:

  • Grate drains. Such drains are installed next to water tanks or HVAC appliances and they are meant for redirecting water into the drainage systems located inside.
  • Sump pumps. Many draining systems need a gravity exit for smooth water removal. However, in many cases, you cannot install it though you can freely set up a special pump that removes the water efficiently and your basement always stays clean and dry.
  • Vapor barriers. When you have noticed the damaged wall with cracks or leaks, you may need a vapor barrier. It will help seal and protect the wall and prevent the excess moisture from penetrating the basement.

Of course, you may need much more information about the methods of interior waterproofing for your home, so get in touch with Tornado Plumbing & Drains. We are always ready to make an appointment with our clients on the site and discuss all the essential things. One of our professionals will arrive at your place, examine it, and provide a free estimate of all the necessary services for you to choose from  according to the conditions in your home and the requirements of your budget.

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