If your house does not have properly working drainage, you may face dramatic problems one day. First of all, the foundation is rather vulnerable to excess humidity. Then, the health of your family members can be at risk. Finally, poor drainage can have long-lasting consequences that will cost you much over time. The way out is to maintain your drainage and fix it  immediately if you see that something is wrong. To do it is not as easy as it may seem. So, you need to know some simple things about how to deal with this problem.

Poor drainage should be fixed if you notice the following signs:

  • swarms of mosquitoes around the puddles of still water;
  • excess moisture or water puddles inside the basement;
  • soil erosion anywhere around the foundation;
  • ice structuring on the patio or walkway when it is cold;
  • plants around the house, including trees and grass, start dying.

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The first thing to remember is that if water is not drained away from your house, the drainage system is not working. Constant water flow or standing at the foundation can cause severe structural damage. Here are some measures you can take to eliminate the issue.

Clean Your Drainage Items Regularly

Do not forget that your house has downspouts and gutters and they need to be cleaned regularly. In this way, you will avoid their clogging and the water will freely flow away. The backed-up gutters do not allow the water to flow so it stays at the outside part of the foundation all the time. It makes pressure on it and leads to the appearance of cracks and other defects.

Grade Your Yard

The ground should not collect around the foundation. It should slope away constantly, smoothly, and in different directions. If it is collected, it indicates the problematic drainage area. You will need to adjust the soil evenly, especially, in the areas around your house that can experience the drainage problems. Prevention is always better than repairs.

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A Reliable Drainage System Should Be Installed

The type of soil outside your house can cause the problems with its drainage. If one part of your backyard is wet and muddy and the other is rather dry, you may have some drainage problems. The soil can be clay, sand, or silt. Clay does not allow for good draining. Sand, on the contrary, allows the water to flow through it easily. It means that it gives the excess moisture a chance to penetrate the walls of the foundation or basement.

The need of removing any moisture from your foundation is vital. So, you should install a drainage system. It can be a French drain with a sump pump. It should be located at the footing. The trench’s bottom is to be covered with gravel. The pipe is located on the gravel layer. It should have the drilled holes for better water control. The top of the laid pipe is also covered with gravel. Then, you place some type of fabric that works as a specific filter for all the debris. So your French drain can never be clogged. You will also have to connect a sump pump to the drain.

However, all these types of work are difficult to do on your own. You are sure to need a consultation from an experienced professional. The best variant is to have an on-site inspection done. At Tornado Plumbing & Drains, such inspections are free and they are carried out considering your individual needs. Do you still feel lost and confused about what to do with the poor drainage in your house? Just order the inspection for your foundation. All the issues will be detected and repaired. Just make some preparations in your home and call an expert.

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