Learn How to fix cracked and leaky basement wall from the inside (Repair the Interior Side of a Basement Wall)

Fixing an Interior Side of the Cracked Wall in a Basement Is a Hard Job.

Insert Concrete or Caulk into the Crack

Basement wall cracks need reliable filling. You need to utilize such a material that will widen the crack out no matter how strange it may sound. That is why hydraulic concrete is the best solution here. To help the process, you can even make the additional cuts in the V shape. You also need to smoothen the surface you want to fill with the concrete.

How To Fix A Leaky Basement Wall From The Inside

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Everything that is not clean and smooth in the crack and around it should be removed completely. The function of hydraulic cement is to expand within the crack. Then, it hardens to become quite durable. You need to make sure that you have looked through all the instructions on how to make the mixture and apply it. The problem may appear with its fast setting so you always need some water to prevent the process and to be able to use the material appropriately.

Interior Walls May Need Proper Sealing

If you need to utilize the masonry sealant, remember about its main functions. When you cover the surface with it, it will mostly seep into the concrete. The film that has been formed can block the humidity and vapor from penetrating the surface or build up on it. There are also special sealants that can protect the walls from hazardous chemicals, for instance, such a sealant can stop radon gases from moving inside the house.

The sealant cannot be used on the painted walls. It is not meant for that and won’t have the expected effect. The bare masonry is the best surface for it. So, if you have to seal the wall, make sure that you have removed all the paint from it even if it was not you but the previous owner who has painted these walls. The sealant can work as a paint if you apply it in a thick layer that can cover the slightest pores and unevenness. The sealant should be left to dry for some time, better – for the whole night – and then you can apply the second layer to receive the reliable waterproof sealing.

Get in Touch with Tornado for Any Waterproofing Work

The experienced experts from the Tornado Plumbing & Drains Company have been working in this field for many years, so we have a lot of effective solutions on repairing even vertical cracks in your basement walls that will never be leaking again. In case of water seepage or minor cracks, we usually apply epoxy injections to repair any types of cracks – be they vertical or diagonal ones. However, if the crack is large and you can put a dime into it, your home may have structural issues. So, you need to examine the foundation properly and find the most appropriate and cost-effective structural solution. 

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Some Tips on How to How to fix a basement wall leak from the inside (Repair the Leaking Basement from Inside)

Are you searching for the answer to the question How to fix a leaky basement wall from the inside? 

  • Try to Indicate the Cause of Leaking. Try to observe the changes in your basement carefully. You may notice some pools of water. Look carefully at the ceiling above them – the cause may be hidden over there. Or you may notice the stains on the walls and some moisture flowing down. The traces of water leaking can be obviously seen on the concrete walls because this material is porous and it absorbs moisture that leaves streaks. Also, look for any mold in the space. If you remove some of it, you can find a crack. These signs are the most indicative ones. You can see where the leak appears and probably detect the cause of it.
  • Sometimes, to find the source of leaking is truly a challenge. So, an easy condensation test can help much.Use tin foil. Cut the section of one square foot and attach it to the wall. When left for twenty-four hours or more, it will become wet if the water is coming from somewhere. When you take it away the next day, try to see what part of it is the wettest one. If the foil is completely dry, everything is alright or you just have leaking in some other spot.
  • When you have detected some issues,  Insert Concrete or Caulk in the Crack and Seal the Wall from the Interior. Or you can also address this issue to Tornado Waterproofers.

If you have detected several cracks on your basement walls from the inside, try to repair them all. If you fix only those that are leaking, the others will start the same process soon and you will lose some additional costs for calling the technician again and fixing the issue for the second time. Or this process can repeat several times and leaking will start at any spot because the excess water will find its path even through minor cracks. Some small cracks may seem safe at first sight but over time they may lose their resistance and start leaking too. That is why the best solution is sealing all the cracks on the wall because if just one of them is left unsealed the water will find its way into the basement inevitably. So, opt for sealing all the cracks at once without delaying much and you will always be on the safe side.