Clogs appear in any drain pipes if they are not maintained properly. If they continue to be ignored by a homeowner, that can lead to such disastrous consequences as backups, flooding, or burst pipes.

The issue of clogging is rather profound and serious no matter whether the blockage happens in the bathroom or in the kitchen. The main thing is problem prevention. In case you have noticed the slightest signs of the clog, call professional plumbers.

Tornado Plumbing & Drains is a great option in your area because we can choose the most appropriate solution for unclogging your drains or maintain and clean them regularly for clog prevention. 

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Signals That Mean a Blocked Drain

  • You start noticing water puddles that appear from nowhere and are located around the bathtub or sink on the floor
  • You hear strange gurgling sounds from the pipe.
  • Excess water is collected around the drain hole in the shower.
  • You open the tap into the sink but the water starts bubbling in the toilet bowl.
  • You smell the unpleasant odors of something rotten in the kitchen coming exactly from the sink.
  • Water starts collecting around the drain entrance and then runs very slowly into it.
  • The most dangerous thing is when water starts backing up from the sink.

Necessary Tools Used for Drain Unclogging

  • This tool is a must-have in every household and it should always be kept handy. It’s a plunger. You can utilize it effectively when you need to remove a minor clog from the sink or toilet.
  • Another tool that is very useful to have in the home is a plumber’s snake. You can also hear that plumbers call it a cable auger, This appliance looks like a long, thick, and quite flexible wire made of steel and wound on a spool. It also has a handle to rotate it manually. The length of its cable can differ. You can even find a 100-foot auger in the hardware store. Though, 25 feet is quite enough for the domestic use.
  • If you need to clear up the clog in the toilet, you may probably need a special tool called a closet auger. It does not have a spool. You can still operate it with a special rotating crank but the cable is stored in a hard box. One more characteristic of this tool is its end that is conveniently bent to fit a certain angle necessary to penetrate the narrow curves of the toilet drains.
  • When the clog is too big and hard or when it is located somewhere deep in the pipe, you will need a more powerful mechanism. It is called an electric power auger. In this case, a long auger is operated with a motor powered by electricity. It can remove practically any clog. You may even cut away the interwoven tree roots with it. However, you need to know for sure how to operate it correctly. This appliance is not usually kept at home but rented from the specialized hardware shop. Ask the agent in the shop to demonstrate its work to you. You will also need to know how to take out the cable and put it back into the case.

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The common tips on clearing up any drain involve:

  • running boiling water into the drain that needs cleaning for approximately 15-20 minutes;
  • using the plunger first before utilizing any other methods of drain clearing;
  • pouring down the mixture of baking soda and vinegar into the blocked drain;
  • utilizing a drain snake if simpler methods do not help.


You can easily avoid drain blockages, of course. It is always better to prevent the problem than spend much cost, time, and effort on fixing it. Try to maintain your home drains regularly and the plumbing system will always be in a good working order. Never ignore the maintenance of the pipes. Over time, they collect a lot of buildup. It consists of the organic and non-organic residue that contains grease, chemicals, minerals, and hair.

When all those particles gather in the pipe, they make up the blockage which, starting as a minor disorder, may turn into a huge disaster with a lot of unpleasant outcomes. When left in the drain for a long time, the clog can damage the pipe severely and lead to burst and flooding.

At Tornado Plumbing & Drains, you will find the best maintenance solutions for Toronto. We are always ready to take a thorough look at your plumbing system as soon as you call us. So, do not wait for long and contact us today!