The Cost of  Basement Waterproofing in Toronto

Learn How Much Does It Cost To Waterproof A Basement In Toronto

We provide you with the list of costs for basement waterproofing in Toronto. However, keep in mind that these prices are just approximate and they are based on the assessment of average amounts of work needed for it. Every basement and its condition is unique so you have to get in touch with us for a more thorough estimation if you have faced leaking in your basement. Only true experts can do all the jobs related to it correctly and reliably. When you choose Tornado Waterproofers, you will be sure that everything will work smoothly and you won’t have any problems anymore.

  • EXTERIOR FOUNDATION WATERPROOFING COST (Waterproofing of the exterior part of the foundation) is $ ___ per  one linear foot with the depth taken into account.
  • INTERIOR FOUNDATION WATERPROOFING COST (Waterproofing of the interior part of the foundation) is $ ____ per one linear foot.
  • CRACKED FOUNDATION REPAIR COST (Repairs of the foundation that has got a crack) is valued as $___ depending on the width and depth of the crack.
  • SPOT REPAIR UP TO 8 FT WIDE AND 8 FT DEEP COST (Repairs of one separate spot measuring 8 feet in width and 8 feet in width) is $ ___ and the depth and width of the waterproofed area matter here.
  • SUMP PUMP INSTALLATION COST (The installation of a sump pump costs) $ ___ and the need for a tank as well as the volume of work matters (if it is only the replacement of the pump, it will cost less).
  • BACKWATER-VALVE INSTALLATION COST (The installation of the BWV (backwater valve)) is $ ___ depending on whether it is set up outside or inside of the house and the depth of the basement.

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How much does it cost to waterproof basement walls from outside?

If you want to control excess moisture in your basement, opt for exterior walls waterproofing. The foundation walls should be exposed before waterproofing procedures. Some basements have the walls that are half-exposed so they can be waterproofed easily. Much digging may be needed for some others. However, after the exposure, the backfilling procedure should be completed. It means that all the dirt that has been dug out should be placed back. That will still provide better protection to your basement.

How Much Does It Cost To Waterproof A Basement In Toronto?

Bentonite Waterproofing Cost / The Cost of Waterproofing with Bentonite

Bentonite is a great construction material that is made of clay. It can expand while mixed with water molecules. It is especially related to the sodium bentonite that expands extensively and fills in the cracks and protects the walls reliably from the exterior part not allowing the cracks to form or grow wider. The material makes up a great option if your house stands on the very wet soil. However, this variant is not the best one but rather temporary because it is believed that the material cannot withstand the changes of temperatures and weather conditions.  The cost to waterproof a basement using the betonites sheets can vary from $ ___ to $ ____ per one square foot. 

Liquid Membrane Waterproofing / Waterproofing with the Liquid Membrane

This liquid agent can be applied to your foundation’s exterior part as a more long-lasting and reliable material. It will not need any maintenance or additional application for many years. Though, the coating should have several layers to stay longer. The characteristics of this material can differ for different manufacturers so you need to look for a contractor that deals with one specific brand and has a professional certification for it. The cost of the liquid membrane installation varies between $___ and $___ per one square foot.

Sheet Membrane Waterproofing / Waterproofing with the Sheet Membrane

Such a method of waterproofing implies the installation of special sheets alongside the entire foundation, in fact, wrapping it with these sheets. However, it needs more expertise than any other method because there are seams at the points where the sheets are connected so they can become a potential source of leaking if installed improperly. Moreover, thorough preparation is needed for the walls to install such membranes, especially if the foundation is not new and the concrete is not fresh. Sometimes, several layers are installed, though one layer is enough to make this method of waterproofing easier and faster. The cost of waterproofing with the sheet membrane varies from $ ___ to $ ___ per one square foot.

Parging Basement Walls Costs / The Cost of Basement Walls Parging

This method is also applied to the exterior part of the foundation for the visible area of the wall. It provides a better look to the surface and, at the same time, strengthens the exterior of the wall. The cementitious coating is applied evenly on the surface and it can also function as a sort of protection against the excess moisture. Parging is normally not utilized as the main method of waterproofing but it is combined with other techniques. When used separately, it does not provide the waterproofing effect. The cost of such coating is from $ ___ to $ ___ per one square foot.

We have made an attempt to give you the rough idea of waterproofing methods and their costs to choose from. Now, it’s your turn to make an appointment with our experts now. They will investigate and assess the cost of waterproofing related to the condition of your individual basement and your budget requirements. You will be provided with a FREE quote WITHOUT any further OBLIGATIONS on your part. Let’s get in touch and make a decision!

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The Interior Basement Waterproofing As a Good Alternative to the Exterior One

One more method of basement waterproofing is doing it from the inside. It is a very cost-effective procedure that involves the installation of a perforated pipe alongside the footing perimeter. The method implies removing the concrete from the edge of the slab and replacing it with the fresh layer. When the drain pipe is installed under the slab, it can direct the excess water downside to lower layers. The connection to a sump pump matters much in this process.

The dimpled sheet made of plastic is installed under the edge of the slab at the base of the wall. The dimpled shape allows for draining water freely into the pipes. Such an installation does not cost as much as more complicated drainage systems but it is very effective. When the soil has a low permeability, the system blocks the groundwaters from penetrating inside but there should not be an aggregate layer beneath the slab.

We can recommend this method in combination with the effective management system for soil gases that is connected to the sump pump too. The drain pipe installed alongside the perimeter of the basement should also be connected to the pump.