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Established right here in Etobicoke in 2014, Tornado Foundation Repair has been providing both homeowners and commercial property owners with reliable structural repair solutions.

We are always responsible for the quality of work we do. Therefore, we can offer the most convenient and secure warranty plan in GTA. Our professional customer support will be available to you even if the work is finished.

Everyone knows that the foundation of a well-built and steady house is responsible for its integrity. You should be aware of all the possible foundation problems in houses (cracks in walls, cinder block and concrete block foundation problems) to deal with them timely and successfully before the damage is too severe to be easily repaired. That is why we have the certified structural technicians in our team who can make a thorough assessment of your business office or home’s structure to detect the possible issues. They will provide you with a written detailed job assessment and quote for free before you start taking some other steps.

Our services:

  • Residential and Commercial Foundation Repair
  • Slab Foundation Repair
  • Leaking Basement Repair

Foundation Repair – Fixing Your Home’s Foundation Problems

We have visited and inspected a lot of houses. Some of them need deep and consistent foundation crack repair. Though others do not have any bad problems but just insignificant cosmetic defects that can be repaired quite easily. And there are approximately 20% of houses that do not need any repairs at all.

1) What Causes Foundation Problems in GTA?

The largest part of damage is usually caused by water. Some other causes can involve the type of soil and foundation swelling or shrinking due to that. If the soil is not stable enough, the ground beneath starts moving and it may lead to severe cracks and other problems.

 Your foundation can be damaged more easily if:

  • The expansive clay is the ground that holds it.
  • The fill soil is not compacted enough.
  • The drainage is poor or lacking in the area around the foundation.
  • The weather conditions and seasonal changes are not favorable in your area.
  • The plumbing leak has emerged below your house.
  • There are too many tree roots around your home.
  • The structure has been compromised by some natural disaster like a drought, an  earthquake, or flood.

The most vulnerable foundations are located on the clay soils. The soils that are low in the clay continent are the most favourable for building houses on them. The clay is the main reason for soil movement. In some areas where the soils do not contain much clay, the movement is monor, and in some other regions where the clay is the main component of the soil, it is rather significant.

If the soil under the house’s foundation moves simultaneously and equally in different parts, it is not a big problem. The issue occurs when the foundation settling happens only in one part of it. Ten, cracks appear because the settlement is uneven and some parts of the foundation are more exposed to pressure than others.

The foundation settlement can cause the following issues::

  • damaged structure;
  • lost value of the real estate;
  • dangers of tripping;
  • continuous unnoticed cracks;
  • malfunctioning of equipment.

The cause of settlement can be different but the value of your home is lost and it may even be considered as a dangerous one to live in. Even if you have noticed the slightest signs of settlement and damage, do not postpone solving the issues for a long time. The foundation will continue sinking if you do not care about it and waiting longer will lead to still more severe damage and costly repairs.

2) Are Foundation Problems Common in GTA?

The answer is likely to be yes. Any foundation will be settling over time. The problems appear when this settlement is rapid, inconsistent, and uneven.

The most observable signs of the stressed and settled foundation are:

Foundation Repair: Warning Signs from the Outside

  • rotation of walls;
  • some gaps around the windows, doors, wall joints, or the garage door;
  • some bricks which have cracked;
  • damaged cracked foundation;
  • moldings that have been displaced.

Interior Warning Signs

  • windows and doors in the unnatural misaligned positions;
  • sheetrock has cracked;
  • cracks started to appear in the floor;
  • floors are uneven.

However, everything is not as bad as it may seem. The problems with foundations can be prevented and they can also be repaired more or less easily if you are attentive enough to the slightest changes in the foundation walls. Noticing foundation issues in time is very important. 

If you just suspect that you are having a foundation problem, opt for addressing it  to experts so contact a professional basement waterproofing contractor immediately.

How Do You Fix A Cracked Foundation?

Repairing a foundation is not as easy as it may seem. It is a complex set of tasks that demand certain qualifications, specialized techniques, training, and expertise as well as special good-quality equipment. The volume of repairs can also differ depending on the foundation failure. Tornado Plumbing & Drains can provide the effective solutions and different repair services according to your needs. We have well-tested methods that meet the highest standards in the industry. If you are searching for how to repair a cracked foundation, call us.

house foundation repair
house foundation repair

Repairing Slab Foundation Homes

Try to get in touch with an experienced structural contractor instantly as soon as you have noticed anything unusual about your foundation. Very serious issues will require pilings to support the house.

 Repairing A Stone Foundation

The priority is to call Tornado instantly because we are a reputable expert local foundation repair company in the region. We know well what to do about the foundation made of stone or any other materials.
Our technicians are experienced, considerate, and polite. We always treat our clients’ needs as our own and their property with respect and care. Our workers are trained to provide the ebay services possible with the thorough cleaning of the area after the work is completed.

We can do the repointing of stone foundations for further prevention of similar problems. This technique hardens the foundation stones to keep them in place. If you have a bowed wall, ask any questions related to repairing a stone foundation to Tornado experts and we will be happy to help you.

Repairing Block Foundation

Remember that any crack in a concrete block foundation can be of different nature. So, the solutions of the problems will differ as well depending on the type of cracks (horizontal or vertical, deep or shallow).

We cannot say now that we have the only method to repair block cracks because the causes of damage may differ. To do something about the concrete block cracks, you need to call Tornado first and order the free foundation inspection on the site. Only after that, we will decide what to do about your problem and which methods to pick out to deal with it.

Repairing Foundation Cracks Outside

One of the best solutions for repairing cracks in foundations is their fixing in the foundation on the outside because it can stop leaking foundation cracks from further growth. This method can be used when crack injections are not appropriate or effective. Or it may happen that a homeowner does not want to open the finished and decorated basement wall.

Minor cracks can be repaired as entertaining DIY projects. However, the bigger issues, such as doors or windows sticking from house settling, can signal about bad damage that should be attended by specialists. Ask a structural engineer to have a thorough look at the problem. You should not leave this issue as it is because it will never disappear but may cause other severe problems and costly repairs that you do not need at all.

Repairing Concrete Foundation

If you are searching for how to repair cracked or poured concrete foundation wall, consider different causes. They may be just the foundation settling in older houses. Such cracks may not provide bigger problems and only some cosmetic repairs are needed for them. However, be attentive about the characteristics of the crack. Anyway, no foundation wall crack should be ignored. You need to be much more attentive if your structure is new.

Get it examined by an expert as soon as you can. It means that there are some structural errors and your foundation is unstable. You cannot disregard it because there will be no improvements about it over time. Things will just be getting worse.

Ask someone professional to have a thorough look at the issue and suggest the ways out. It will not cost you too much but saves much costs and effort in the future. Instead, it can help you save a lot if the problem is tackled at the very beginning.

Are you ready to start your repair concrete foundation research and work?

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in GTA?

Actually, over 20% of homes we attended didn’t need too costly foundation repairs, just some cosmetic ones.

You can get a quite accurate price estimate from us by scheduling the structural Assessment from Tornado which is not obliging at all.

Foundation Repair Costs

The average cost many homeowners pay for repairing their foundations is $-. Complicated kinds of work that include using hydraulic piers will cost you $_ or more, while minor issues will require the cost to repair foundation cracks as low as $_. On average, homeowners usually pay between $_ and $_.

If the cracks in the foundation are over 1/8” wide, they can be fixed with the epoxy injections which are quite flexible and cost from $_ to $_ per crack. However, the most important question here is why the crack like that has appeared. The issue should be well-researched because it may lead to more severe problems in a while. Even hairline cracks need to be repaired properly because excess water can seep through them. You can make the cost estimate for injections yourself if you can measure the length of all cracks and add the figures to receive the total length and then multiply it by the cost of one foot. 

Average Cost to Repair Foundation Cracks

The foundation crack repair services we offer in Tornado are of four price ranges.

  • On-site inspection of the foundation: Cost: Free
  • Non-structural fixing of cracks: Cost $_ – $_. By the way, such repairs are commonplace in Ontario because there is much moisture here and big changes of temperatures between winter and spring.
  • Structural Foundation Crack Repair: Costs $_ – $_. When we speak about Ontario, the structural cracks in foundations are quite usual due to the temperature changes and fluctuations, soil moving naturally, and high hydrostatic pressure. Horizontal cracks can be an obvious sign of the structural damage. It is still worse when they are larger than a 1/4 inch.
  • Exterior Excavation: Price can start from $_

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Foundation Problems Yourself?

Overall most foundation repair works are not easy so they cannot be a DIY project. It is essential that you call at least three different professional plumbers who are experienced and licensed to tell you what to do about all that. They will offer you different ways of solving the issues and their distinct assessment, and you will decide what you would prefer to do next. If you are searching for how much to fix cracked foundation, call us and receive the needed information.

Why Choose Tornado Plumbing & Drains in Toronto and GTA?

Our high-quality customer service sets the bar high in the whole industry. Our experience helps us to be useful and unique on the market. We are proud to know everything about any foundation repairs. Our highest quality services are offered at the most affordable prices in the area. And all our projects are backed up by reliable warranty programs and attractive offers.

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