Overall Repairs of Foundations in Toronto Accomplished by the Skillful Construction Crew

The Tornado Plumbing  & Drains Company (Toronto) is an expert in different types of foundation repairs applied to your footing, cracked or distorted slabs, damaged and clogged drainages, and many other types of plumbing services. We can serve your private houses, condos, old and new apartments, business premises, office buildings, or detached offices.

Explicit Solutions for Residential and Commercial Needs and Requirements

Our crew consists of fully qualified workers and reputable experts in installation and repairs who have completed the high-level training courses and gotten much knowledge and expertise in this field. Our engineers and technicians can accurately diagnose the foundation issues and recommend the most suitable, straightforward, and budget-friendly solutions for efficient repairs. They will also serve all your needs for the further foundation maintenance following the most technological guidelines and applying the state-of-the-art practices to all stages of their job. That will guarantee the ongoing sturdiness, durability, and sustainability of all the achieved results.

If you have faced an issue with the foundation, we will offer you the most efficient solution. We make up an outstanding contractor in Toronto that is prepared to offer any help which is required.

Our company uses individual approaches to all our customers. We seriously care about your property and your needs. The affordable pricing is an essential part of our policies and we are ready to offer you plenty of financial options according to your plans and budget capacity.

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Get a quote. Waterproof your home. Be fully satisfied.

Foundation Repair in Toronto is easy with Tornado Plumbing & Drains. We will help you to prevent floods and damages in your house and save money. We care about you, your home, and the work we do. See all cities where Tornado is.

We’re specialist and we love what we do

Tornado Plumbing & Drains is a full service basement waterproofing company offering building solutions from start to finish. Our staff has been operating on Toronto & GTA for ten years.

High Quality of All Foundation Fixing Processes and Technologies Is Ensured 

We offer only highly technological products and techniques that have been developed by the prominent engineers, patented, and meant to last for many years. We research deep inside the initial factors that can cause a separate foundation issue or a set of issues on the site. We do not offer just one isolated repair procedure for your foundation in Toronto but the entire complex of measures aimed at fixing the existing problems and preventing the forthcoming ones. We know all the common causes that may badly affect your house in a separate area. So, we plan our repairing procedures taking all of them into consideration.

We deal with such issues as:

  • repairs of foundation slabs;
  • repairs of raised foundations;
  • repairs of drainage systems.


Providing Consultations Is Our Essential Service

Consultations are an important part of our overall job. As experienced contractors, we can consider all the details of your specific situation, budget capacity, and ongoing plans to offer a variety of foundation repairing strategies and methods applicable to you. You will have a good chance to choose from many replacement and repair techniques we are ready to provide that will correspond as much as possible to all your requirements.



25 Years NO LEAKS Guaranteed!

100% Customer Satisfaction

We Are Considerate and Friendly

Our courteous and friendly manner of communication with the clients is well-known and highly appreciated. All the members of our team will treat you and all your issues with a good deal of professionalism, politeness, and consideration. We are ready to consider all your wishes, relieve all your concerns, and discuss your repair or construction projects patiently, attentively, and accurately taking into account all possible factors that may influence the situation.

We Evaluate the Present Health of Your Foundation and Provide Accurate estimates in Accordance with the Situation

Never pay for any foundation repairs in Toronto  without the preliminary evaluation of the foundation’s state and health because there may be some concealed problems that will prevent the efficiency of any repairs. Let our experts evaluate the damage size and severity, the soil type and condition as well as consider some weather and environmental factors and causes of the problem. We have a lot of expertise and experience in this matter so we mostly avoid making mistakes as for the health of foundations and the necessary measures. We are among those foundation repair experts in Toronto who provide the straightforward and transparent cost estimates before the start of any work.