1. Are basement windows waterproof?

No, basement windows aren’t waterproof and while they do let in light and fresh air to your basement, they are also one of the major sources of leak and moisture in your basement. Basement waterproof companies can fix this problem employing different fixes such as clauiking, installing window wells and evaluating the grading.

2. Can you waterproof basement from inside?

Using basement waterproof sealer and other basement waterproof materials it is possible to waterproof your basement from inside. However this approach doesn’t always fix the problem. For complete waterproofing both the interior and exterior factors leaking to moisture and leaks need to be addressed.

3. Can you waterproof basement floor?

Yes, your basement floor can easily be waterproofed by an expert team basement waterproof flooring. Depending on the level of the problem necessary steps need to be taken. Talk to basement waterproof companies and explore all basement waterproof flooring options.

4. Can you waterproof basement walls from the inside?

In case of small leaks and moisture accumulation on the walls basement waterproof materials should be enough to fix the problem in your walls from inside. However if there is a major source of the leak from the exterior that would need to be addressed first to achieve full proof results.

5. Can you waterproof basement walls?

Yes, basement walls can easily be waterproofed. It requires redirecting the water away from your foundation by land grading and fixing the gutters. A basement waterproof sealer needs to be applied around all cracks and gaps. Using basement waterproof wall panels is also a good option.

6. When to waterproof basement?

You need to fix the problem as soon as you start noticing the early signs. When water leaks and mold infestation are allowed to aggravate they can weaken your property’s foundation. Delay often requires extensive and costly repairs. It is important for you to work towards permanent solutions instead of quick fixes.