First, we need to determine whether your sewer line needs some sewer repair or even replacement in your Etobicoke home. As soon as we have done it and discussed the matter with you, we proceed with the two following steps:

Conventional Sewer Line Replacement and Repair

After locating the spot of the problem, we need easy access to the part of the sewer that should be replaced or repaired. Traditionally, we use an excavator. It digs the ground around the line. After the repair completion, we use a backhoe to refill the ground. We offer this option depending on the area where you live as well as on the location and state of the pipes. Though, we understand that sometimes this method is not preferred by homeowners because it leads to some additional inconveniences.

Trenchless Repair

This is a more convenient and permissive technology that allows for repairs and replacement without much mess and damage to the property. Small holes are made in the beginning and ending parts of the broken pipe that needs to be replaced. A new pipe is pulled through the damaged one. The latter breaks to pieces, and the new pipe replaces it.

Such a method is widely appreciated by our clients because it does not result in much destruction in the driveways, yards, and surrounding areas. Only the ground around the spot of repairs is disturbed. It means that the method is developed to make use of the old pipes and the sewer line location in the ground to place a new pipe correctly. It is very convenient and much easier for plumbers as well. They do not need to dig large parts of your yard and disturb or destroy your property’s outer appearance and the surrounding environment.

Of course, it is much better never to encounter the need for repair or replacement of the sewer lines in your backyard. However, if you do face such a problem, it is not the end of the world. Feel sure that the well-qualified plumbers from Tornado Plumbing & Drains are prepared for any kind of repair and replacement work – from traditional excavations to trenchless technologies of resolving the issue.

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Etobicoke Sewer Replacement & Repair
Etobicoke Sewer Replacement & Repair