The Tornado Plumbing & Drains Company can offer unclogging services for all types of drains located in Mississauga and The Greater Toronto Area. We can efficiently handle all kinds of blocked drainage systems and pipes including sewer cleaning and maintenance. Our expert plumbers can deal equally with commercial and residential property and solve the issues of clogged kitchen and bathroom drain pipes, plugged-up outdoor drainage pipes, and bottled-in sewer lines. We provide our services day and night 6 days per week.

We have true drain-cleaning experts here, in Mississauga, who can cope with all plumbing devices, systems, and home appliances that may be clogged, such as:

  • washing machines;
  • toilets;
  • main sewer lines;
  • dishwashers;
  • kitchen sinks;
  • shower drains and bathtubs.

In a while, you will get your drains cleared and operating smoothly again if the problem is within your private area. However, there are some issues that cannot be solved instantly. They concern the clogs in the main sewer line. If we suspect that the issue originates from there, we need to conduct a video inspection first, and only after locating the place of blockage, we can identify the sort of problem and start doing something about it.

·        hair clogging drain

·        unclogging drains

·        unclogging a shower drain

·        unclogging a sink drain and a tub drain

Mississauga Drain Cleaning Repair

When the issue is likely in the main sewer pipes, we use a video camera. This is a hi-tech device meant specifically for drains. It shows where the source of the problem actually is. When the area of the issue is detected, it is easier to develop the strategy for fixing it. The process can be more complicated when there is a need to replace the pipe or just a part of it.

Mississauga Drain Cleaning Maintenance

Clog prevention is important if you do not want to experience severe damage from backed-up water. If the water drains down slowly, it is an obvious signal that you have a clog in one or some fixtures. If some drains show the signs of malfunctioning, you encounter a clog in the main drainage pipes. So, here are some tips on how to prevent blocking in your home drainage pipe.

  • A hair-straining trap should be used and drain stoppers need to be cleaned regularly.
  • Avoid flushing items that cannot dissolve or disassemble, for example, baby wipes, or feminine things.
  • Do not pour oil and grease down into the drains.
  • Always check the plumbing vent pipe which is located on the roof of your house because it needs to be free of any blocking items, obstacles, and obstructions.

Very often, drain clogging and backing-up happen at very inconvenient hours of the day. The technicians of Tornado Plumbing & Drains are always ready to provide fast and professional help. We can clean the drain instantly or inspect it with a complimentary camera to find the area of the problem in the sewage. We also use other types of equipment, such as hydro-jetters, drain snakes, and augers to clean the pipes. All your drain cleaning needs will be handled professionally and effectively.

Drain unclogging and drain cleaning are what we do!

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