Drain lines sometimes may cause different problems. It is important to address them to an expert plumber who could examine the issue and instantly fix it. Sometimes, the drain pipe repair can be a rather complicated task. That is why a plumber you hire should be a professional with a lot of experience to do the things correctly. If you are a house or business owner, we offer you high quality drain repair and installation services in Mississauga. Our experts have high qualifications and they are always on time to deal with the problem.

Drain repair in Mississauga

The Tornado Plumbing & Drains Company in Mississauga can provide you with specialists who will thoroughly test your drain lines to identify the problems and methods of repair that solve the issue. We do not follow any conventional drain repair procedures like other plumbers. We utilize the updated techniques and brand-new technologies. For example, trenchless drain repair, as well as pipe relining, does not need any digging in your area as it is commonly applied for reaching the old pipelines. These cutting-edge methods are often used by our skillful technicians. They will ensure you with the chance to repair your drain pipes smoothly and without any hassle. If you prefer no-dig fixing of your shower or bathtub drains, kitchen sink pipe repair and the similar problem solutions, get in touch with Tornado Plumbing & Drains.

The licensed plumbers in Mississauga will arrive at your home to do some drain repairs in germ. We have all the equipment for fixing the damage caused by winter ice impact or shifting pipes. We can also assemble some extra drainage you may require for the inside or outside parts of your house.

We offer the following professional drain solutions in Mississauga & GTA

  • main drain line repair
  • shower drain repair
  • drain camera inspection
  • floor drain in concrete slab detail
  • repair pvc drain pipe
  • repair cracked drain pipe
  • tile shower leaking around drain
  • repair drain in bathtub
  • сollapsed drain repair
  • cracked drain pipe repair
  • drain repair without excavation/ digging

Drain installation

We can also offer you our highly technological drain installation services in Mississauga that guarantee long-lasting results. We are happy to make our customers’ lives stress-free and more enjoyable. Our qualified and experienced workers who use the newest tools and techniques will help you feel confident that you will get the best drain installation services throughout Mississauga. Get in touch with us in advance to make a scheduled appointment with the Tornado Plumbing & Drains representative from the nearest location. We successfully handle various drain replacement problems and installation services. They include kitchen sink drains, main drain lines, toilet drains, bathroom pipes, and underground drainage pipelines. You can request the total estimate of all the jobs for free before the beginning of works.

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