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Everyone should remember that sewer systems are vitally important for the smooth and comfortable use of any residential or commercial property. They carry used water from houses, factories, and offices to special waste-water purifying plants. There, the water is filtered and cleaned for further recycling into Lake Ontario. The connection of your house to the main sewer lines is the municipal responsibility of the city you dwell in. The city authorities are also in charge of proper and regular maintenance of the storm-water draining systems located along the roadways. Though, the sewer line (usually six inches in diameter) that connects your property to the lateral (in the final point of your line) which links all these points to the main sewer is only your responsibility.

If you do not know how to flush some objects (such as paper, toys, or grease) correctly or completely misuse the sewage, the sewer line can be blocked. The clogging can also be caused by the severe intrusion of tree roots. It has already become a good habit to install a certain backflow-prevention appliance at the point where the draining system quits the building. Nowadays, such devices are installed in most new houses. They are a great way to avoid those nasty backing-ups of the sanitary pipes and sewers, especially during heavy rainstorms. However, you should remember that even if such a prevention system has been installed in your home or office, it needs regular sewer maintenance and cleaning, not fewer than once a year, at least. Ignoring that recommendation has already led to many severe cases of backflow in Canada.



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