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A good deal of experience and expertise is quite helpful if there is a need to cope with the most severe clogging problems and the most complicated drain repairs. That is what Tornado plumbing & Drains has been successfully doing since 2014. We work in Etobicoke and its vicinity to help you with any drain issues so we are your best choice if you need some plumbing work for your household or business. Address your needs and issues to our best Etobicoke clogged drain cleaning and repair experts who have all the tools and necessary qualifications to make all the repairs efficiently and safely including drain blockage removal and damaged pipe restoration for you to get them in proper working order again.

Do not get frustrated or annoyed when you come across the slow-flowing drain in your home or when you have detected a bad clog and water backup in some fixture. You need to understand that any drain problem is not just the cause of inconvenience or depression. It may become a serious threat to your property if not considered timely. It can cause some dramatic damage to all the plumbing system and the entire household. If that damage has come to being, you will need much more costs to cover rather expensive and lengthy repairs.

There are some obvious signs and seeing them, you can judge that the drain is clogged somehow. They include the following:

  • You can smell some disgusting and nasty odors from your drainpipes.
  • The strange gurgling sounds are produced within the drains.
  • You start noticing the wet spots somewhere outside, for example, on the lawn.
  • The tub or sink is draining very slowly.

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