Clogged drain at Etobicoke home can be terrible. After many usages of the kitchen sink, the toilet, or shower tubs, and other household appliances, the pipes become blocked by different particles of waste. The water does not flush down the drains but remains in the tub, basin, or bowl backing up from the pipes and being about to overflow your house. It means that the drains have been clogged and, most often, you need some professional assistance to put everything in order again.

Remember that you are unlikely to handle this problem on your own. You cannot ignore the matter, either. If the issue stays with you for too long, it can become worse and worse. Overflowing of dirty water and waste can cause much damage to your property and the overall cost of repairs will still get higher finally.

Single Fixture Drain Blockage in Etobicoke

You can do something yourself utilizing your hand auger or plunger only when the blockage has occurred in one fixture only. How should you detect this very fixture? Everything is quite simple – if the water does not go down in only one place, be it a toilet, shower tub, or sink, or it does not drain fast, the problem is there. You can unblock the pipe in that place and it will not affect the drainage quality and speed of the whole system.

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Multiple Clogged Drains

You can try to unblock the clogged pipe even if the cause is not in the fixture but somewhere in the pipes between the fixtures, or even in the branch or main lines. You can easily detect that the blockage is like that when you have faced the water backup in two or more different locations simultaneously. However, using a hand auger or plunger is often not helpful so it is always better to address this issue to plumbing professionals without any delay. Do not wait much and make many cleaning attempts yourself because you can make the situation worse and more threatening.

You need to keep in mind that conventional DIY methods usually do not work properly when you have clogging in many different fixtures as well. You can do something efficiently only if one (or two) fixture is affected. If some drainpipes tend to back up at the same time, call the specialists immediately. Cleaning every clog separately will not help much because the most severe blockage is located much deeper, somewhere in the main pipe.

Everyone in Etobicoke has ever faced the issue of clogged drains and its nasty outcomes.

Do not think much before calling our plumbers. They do have special tools, which are both highly technological and traditional to deal with your disastrous situation successfully. For example, they can use a video camera to locate the source of clogging. That will help take away the obstruction and test all the other pipes whether they are free from clogging. A plumbing snake is also quite helpful in professional hands so trust your issue to the true experts.




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