How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Drain

Fruit flies make up an issue for every household. They appear when fruits are ripe and you have a lot of them on your table. Fruit flies feed with these ripe and rotten fruits and other food leftovers. They also need some housing for living and reproduction. The most suitable option for them is some damp and dark location.

Where do fruit flies come from?

If you look around your kitchen, you will find out that your sink drain is the best place for your fruit flies that fits all their needs. The place is perfect because, apart from darkness and moisture, they can enjoy a lot of food residue there. It is especially true for the drains that are clogged. When the sink is blocked, the conditions for the insects’ enjoyable life and breeding are unique. They start laying eggs. Usually, one fly can lay about 500 eggs. The larvae that hatch from them have plenty of food to grow. The number of fruit flies in your kitchen increases and it looks like a full infestation and disaster.

To prevent this situation, try to maintain your drains continuously to avoid their blocking. Keep them clean and think how to cover them for the night to keep your fruit flies away from their breeding place. Fix the slightest drain issues immediately as soon as they may appear.

  1. How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies with White Vinegar

You can take just two steps to get rid of this nasty swarm in the kitchen – make a perfect trap for them and clean the place thoroughly.

For the first step, take a glass or some other container and plastic wrap that is always available in your household. You may use a jar with a lid as well. Then follow the next tips:

  • Add a little white vinegar into the container you have chosen and close the glass or jar tightly with the wrap of lid.
  • If you use plastic, poke some small holes in it to let the scent spread around the kitchen.
  • After that, make a bigger hole in the middle of the cover that would allow flies to get inside.
  • Then, you need to pour some dish soap into the container because it will work as the glue to make flies stuck in the mixture.
  • Fruit flies will feel the smell and follow it into the container, but they will not be able to get back and die inside.

Using a glass and plastic wrap is very easy though a jar and its lid will also make up a perfect trap as soon as you poke the holes in the lid.

However, this is only the first stage of the problem solution. The other part is tidying up your kitchen. You can do it in the following way:

  1. Look for all spilled and dropped residues around and remove them.
  2. Keep an eye on your trash bins so that they always stay empty and clean.
  3. Watch for the grease and grime on all your kitchenware, cutlery, and appliances because even your dishwasher can become a great source for fruit flies to feed.
  4. Check whether your kitchen cabinets are free from food residue and clean them thoroughly if you notice any.
  5. Use some cleaning substance for flushing sinks and their drains.
  6. Let your sinks remain dry when you do not use them.
  7. Check your cleaning sponges, rags, or mops and replace them if you notice that are dirty.
  8. Dispose of any food on your countertops that could look attractive for fruit flies.

You can leave your traps on the kitchen surfaces for a few weeks and even renew them if needed.

2. How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Kitchen Sink

You can make a similar trap for your kitchen sink cleaning it thoroughly beforehand. As soon as you notice the swarm of fruit flies around your sink drains, you will understand that they have gathered there to breed, and they will need the rotting residues of vegetables and fruits collected in the drain. So, try to dispose of these nasty pests with the help of apple cider vinegar in the similar way:

  • use a bowl or jar and a cup of vinegar;
  • supply a bit of dish soap to this mixture;
  • locate the jar in the sink and wait.

Insects drawn by the smell will land on the surface of vinegar. Though, they won’t be able to get up because, due to the dish soap’s properties, the vinegar’s surface tension is ruined. So, they drown and your problem will be solved.

3. How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Sink Drain

You can be mistaken when you believe that all fruit flies living and breeding in your kitchen drain will be washed away if you simply turn on the faucet. The fact is that most of them can easily withstand the water flood and survive. So, think about using some additional substance to pour it into the drain.

You also need to be aware of the other species of bugs that may dwell in your kitchen drain. They are drain flies, so you will need some other methods to get disposed of them.

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Useful Tips for the Floor Drain Maintenance

The floor drains are often overlooked when they do not cause any trouble. Though, it is not correct.

Floor drains are similar to those drains in the showers and bathtubs that are located on the surface and flush with it. Most floor drains, however, are located in garages and laundry rooms as well as in basement and bathroom floors. They can also be found on driveways and patios, in all the places where you need quick and effective water drainage.

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Homeowners need to think about the maintenance of floor drains because, if ignored for some time, they can cause problems. These problems can be easily avoided when just some simple maintenance and pre-planning actions are applied. Your floor drains will cope with any water flow more efficiently if you follow a certain maintenance plan. That will prevent flooding and damage from any extensive water you may face.

Check the Traps Regularly by Filling Them with Water

As for the indoor floor drains, they prevent overflows from water heaters, washing machines, tubs, toilets, or sinks. The outdoor floor drains help capture the water from heavy rainstorms. The main function of the inner and outer floor drains is to direct the extensive water to a municipal drain or a sewer. They help to keep the floor dry and clean any time. The water traps also block the sewer gases and odors from penetrating into your home. You need to make sure that these traps are working properly by filling them with a gallon of water on a regular basis. Simply, pour this water down the floor drain. The water fills the trap in order to create a barrier between the sewer system and your home.

Clear the Clogs at Once

The different types of debris are always collected on the floor, including dust bunnies or pet hair. They can clog the floor drain in a while. Watch the signs of clogging such as slow draining. To reduce the risk of overflows and flooding, take the clog out as soon as possible. Such a small clog can be removed with a strong pump or a plunger. If the clog hasn’t been removed, pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the drain. You can also apply a drain auger. Put the cable into the drain until you feel the resistance and then, turn the cable round and try to take out the clog.

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Regular Cleaning of the Drains Is Essential

You should check and clean the floor drains at least once a quarter. You can use a liquid drain cleaner if it is available or, if your drains haven’t been cleaned for a certain time, call a professional plumber for help. Your local Tornado Plumbing & Drains can assist you with this job. Scheduling the expert drain cleaning for one time a year is also a good idea. That can prevent clogs and provide the smooth running of your drains.

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How to clear a main line blockage?

The beginning of a drain blockage can be seemingly harmless. The water might start bubbling up in the sink and/or drain slower than normal. It may even back up into another sink or bathtub. And you might have to experience a small domestic drama with a plumber. Here is how plumbers tackle a clogged drain.

How Do You Know When Your Main Sewer Drain Is Clogged?

1.      When the water drains out of the pipes slower than usual and you are unable to remedy this with a plunger or chemical drain cleaner. You have made several attempts but all to no avail.

2.      The water goes up into the bathtub after you flush the toilet.

3.      Your sink or toilet fill up with water when you start using the washing machine.

The toilet drain pipe is larger than the other lines in the system. It also has the most direct route to the septic source. Therefore, as long as you have no problems flushing the toilet the blockage in the sink, bathtub or shower shouldn’t be hard to fix.

How To Clear A Main Line Blockage

1.     Shut the water off from the main supply.

2.      Then look around in your yard or basement and try to find the cleanout in the sewer pipe. It shouldn’t be hard to see. Usually it’s a short 4 -inch pipe diameter with a screw-on cap with a square nut or indentation on top. More than likely this pipe will be protruding from the ground somewhere outside the house between the foundation and the road. It also might be off the side of the house where the bathroom is. If you can’t locate it you should contact a plumber.

3.      Remove the cap with your hands. If it proves too hard use a wrench to loosen the cap and then take it off. You should do it slowly to prevent any backed up water from gushing out. Be ready to step aside if it does. You might want to wear waterproof boots and gloves.

4.      Your goal is to let the water out. By releasing the pressure in the sewage line you are letting the excess water drain out.

Main Line Pipe Still Clogged?

Once you reinstall the cleanout cap and test the drain and find it’s still draining slow call a plumber.

What do plumbers use to unclog drains?

Plumbers use different methods and a variety of tools to remove drain blockages. Some of the things they use are electric power augers (also known as plumbing snakes) and high pressure water jetters (plumbing jetters, jet-sets). They may even put an inspection camera down the pipe to examine the problem.

Drain cleaning and unclogging photo picture, Tornado Plmbing
Drain cleaning and unclogging
  1. Powerful motorized augers have long steel cables with a tip that has blades on the end and revolves very much like a drill does. They can clean out lines that are 50-150 feet long. The motor turns the blade equipped tip and feeds the cable into the drain. With a push of the switch the two-way feed will push the cable forward or pull it back. And the blades cut through the blockage. Plumbing snakes are sent down a drain into the plumbing system in your home closest to the blockage.
  • High-pressure water cleaning systems are used to break through grease, sand and even ice! However, they will not remove tree roots that get inside the drain line. This method is used when a blockage is too far down for an auger to reach. Plumbing jetters clean out water lines with powerful jets of water. They are able to reach as far down your pipes as four hundred feet.

Looking for a Plumbing Service near you?

Contact a Tornado Plumbing & Drain! We provide the best services in Toronto. Our team consists of highly qualified contractors. Please consider our offer and give us a call (647) 784-8448.

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DIY Drain Cleaning

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