What is the best drain cleaner in Canada?

A lot of people believe that cleaning drains is a very easy job that can be done in minutes. Actually, it is not quite true. Everything depends on the type of clog, the location of drain pipes, and some other factors you need to know and consider. That is why drain cleaning should be done by a professional plumber who knows and can apply different methods and techniques. They are not similar with each other because their effectiveness and impact on the drainage system may vary.

The experience of our technicians in Tornado Plumbing & Drains allows them to consider the type of drains and causes of its clogging and to offer a range of commercial and residential drain cleaning services for your individual needs and the overall condition of your plumbing system.

Why Using a Liquid Drain Cleaner Is Not the Best Way Out

The disadvantages of using a liquid drain cleaner outweigh its benefits to a great extent. At first sight, it seems to be a very easy and cheap method that does not need any additional effort. First of all, depending on the type of a clog it may not work properly. The aim of such a cleaner is to be flushed down and to penetrate the clog on its way causing its decomposition. However, this liquid moves too fast down the pipe and the chemicals manage just to make a small hole in the clog but not remove it completely.

Best Drain Cleaner in Ontario, Canada

However, this is not the biggest problem. A more severe issue is created by the content of the cleaner. There are very strong chemicals in its content that can damage the pipe severely. In fact, the chemicals are meant to burn through the blockage but they effectively do the same with the pipe. The fitting of the drainage system is also damaged and that can lead to some leakage in the future. You need to be very attentive about the material of the pipe because such unfriendly substances as caustic, oxidizing components, or acids can cause issues to the pipes made of plastic and some other materials.

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Do Plumbers Utilize the Drain Cleaner Acid to Unclog Your Drains?

Of course, the plumbers need to use some chemicals for doing their job. One of them is the hydrochloric acid that is also called muriatic acid. This substance can be bought from specialized stores only by people who have a plumbing license. Though this acid seems to be very simple because its components can be found in the natural environments, even in your stomach to help digest the food. The liquid which is bought from the store is very concentrated and you need to know how to use it properly.

 Is a Homemade Drain Cleaner a Better Solution?

You can make the best drain cleaner at home with the components that are always handy and it will serve you as a great natural drain unblocker. The mixture contains vinegar and baking soda. You have to take half a cup of baking soda and just ¼ cup of salt and mix them together. Then, you should pour the powder into the drain pipe and after that, pour  a cup of vinegar which has been preheated. The solution will bubble and make the foam. You need to close the drain pipe with some duct tape or the plug because it can escape easily. Do it immediately after pouring the ingredients into the drain. Leave it alone for about 15 minutes and then flush the drain to check. You can also utilize the hot water and dish soap solution. This is known as a homemade drain cleaner without baking soda. It is very easy to make this solution. You can take a bowl of water, boil it on the stove and add a good deal of dish soap. Let it boil for some 5-10 minutes. The cleaner is ready and you can use it for unblocking your drain pipes now.

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Your Drains Should Be Regularly Cleaned

The first sign of the need to clean the drain pipe is the slow water draining. The worst thing is when you see that water stays in the sink, pools there, and starts draining slower and ineffectively. It’s an obvious signal that it is time to clean the drains. Address this problem to Tornado because the range of drain cleaning services that will help your appliances work properly again. Even if you do not know how to unclog a toilet fast, call us immediately and we will help you.