High-quality basement waterproofing and expert repairs of the foundation are those kinds of work that can be fully trusted to Tornado. The Scarborough commercial organizations and people who own their homes have known about it for years.

Tornado is truly the name of a famous waterproofing company in Scarborough that is highly appreciated and always trusted.


You can discover the best basement waterproofing company ever when you address your issues and needs to Tornado. The importance of keeping your basement clean, dry, and safe should be considered first of all when you want your home to stay healthy and  well-protected.

If you encounter flooding once, you are likely to face it again and again meaning that you need a good waterproofing contractor. There are different spots in your basement that can become a source of flooding. You can take into account cracks in the walls and floor, leaks in the drainage system or in windows and hatchway doors, burst or damaged pipes and failures of such appliances as water heater or sump pump. All these kinds of damage and failure can lead to ruining of carpets, dry wall, other home appliances, and personal belongings. The growth of mold is almost always a result of flooding. It causes severe allergies and respiratory problems that may be long-lasting and rather unpleasant for you and your family members.


These Signs Can Warn You about the Seepage!

  • Water penetrates through the floor drain which is possibly clogged.
  • Puddles of moisture on the floor whose origin is not detected.
  • Dark water stains on the walls.
  • Water seepage through the cove joint (it’s the spot where the wall and floor are joined).
  • The top of the foundation lets the water come in and it is seeping down the walls.
  • Damaged boxes and other stuff which you keep in the basement.

Among the most conventional causes of flooding are plumbing issues and bad weather conditions. That is why it is important to be aware of them and get prepared. Even small seepage can damage the exterior and interior surfaces of your home and that can lead to damaged items and personal belongings.

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Basement Waterproofing in Scarborough is easy with Tornado Plumbing & Drains. We will help you to prevent floods and damages in your house and save money. We care about you, your home, and the work we do. See all cities where Tornado is.


Tornado provides the installation and repairs of sump pumps and French drains to get rid of all those issues. We can offer basement flood prevention and waterproofing solutions. They are quite effective in keeping your basement dry so you need to think about asking us for help.


  • waterproofing
  • Clogged or broken weeping tile
  • foundation wall crack repair
  • sump pump and window well installation
  • floor drain
  • benching
  • basement underpinning
  • concrete floor installation
  • Plumbing Scarborough

Protect your foundation from a basement flood today

The factors that cause the need for waterproofing may differ so the foundation repairs may cost differently as well. It is wrong to think that all the foundation problems are similar everywhere. Every separate issue is unique and it requires thorough consideration. The individual solutions are always better than those which are applied without taking into account the local characteristics of the problem. Only in that way, we can provide the best value to our work. The cost also depends on whether an interior or exterior solution is needed. Tornado is proud to state that all the prices are calculated clearly and transparently. They are always easy to understand for the clients.

What Can I Expect If I Don’t Repair My Basement Properly?

When you have noticed the basement waterproofing problem, you should not ignore it. No way! It will get worse and more severe. And, as the problem is getting worse, repairing it is becoming more and more expensive. Is it really what you want?



25 Years NO LEAKS Guaranteed!

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A lot of homeowners who are DIY enthusiasts do not understand why they should hire a professional contractor for resolving their waterproofing problems. They believe that they do not need those additional expenses if they can do everything on their own. We recommend changing these approaches considerably and fix all the issues professionally. There are several reasons for that:

  • The issue may get worse. If you have a waterproofing problem in your basement, it will never disappear on its own. Even if you can do some minor repairs, you cannot cope with something more serious and it is getting worse and worse. Finally, the problem will cost you a fortune to repair.
  • The value of the property will go down if you want to resell it. No house with a foundation problem in it is a great purchase so you will never sell your house for a decent price if you have not maintained the plumbing system regularly and got a bad waterproofing issue now.
  • The overall appearance of your house won’t be appealing at all. Any foundation problem connected with water seepage and excess moisture will lead to ugly cracks. The house will look awful with them both outside and inside.
  • Operation of your doors and windows will be hampered. Because of the excess moisture, your foundation will not keep the proper structure of your home. The whole construction will twist and bend. The doors and windows will not open and close smoothly then – they will tend to jam or stick.
  • Your home will not be safe anymore. Foundation cracks and brick chunks falling from the walls may put a huge hazard to your safety, health and even life.


We Are the Best Place for You to Find a Proper Solution

We have the most professional and experienced plumbers in our team. Our expert technician will offer the best options for your foundation repair and waterproofing. All kinds of foundation jobs are very different so we never follow the false belief that ‘one size fits all’. We know for sure that a good custom solution is much better than all the rules, instructions, and biased approaches. That is why many people in Scarborough trust us and respect us as the most professional company in the area.

We help you find the right solution at the right price 

Our well-trained and highly-qualified specialists can inspect your home properly and offer the most suitable solution with the most thorough cost estimation. We feel your pains and understand your needs, so all the solutions – from installing window wells to repairing French drains or replacing sump pumps – are made wisely and for your best benefit. You will get the job done smoothly and reliably. We will do it very quickly but we will do it for years.

For the Best Cost Calculations, Call the Tornado Plumbing & Drains.


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Our concrete-repair experts will inspect your property, detect the causes of all the problems and do the job very fast. We will offer a straightforward and transparent cost estimation without hidden payments.

The Tornado Company can provide the inspection of your home for free if you are interested in the causes of your problems.

You can also check out our online calculator to get a FREE Quote.which is a very fast and effortless process.